Northeast North Carolina Family History – Thankful for modern technology… -- By: Irene Hampton -

I was looking through some family history thinking about
this column when I realized that my grandparents were married 100 years ago this month. Although we know the
date of their marriage, it occurred to me that I’ve never
seen a picture. My computer tree indicated I had a copy of
their marriage registration, so I dug it out to check for more
information. My grandfather was a 31 year old bachelor, a
farmer, born in Quebec. And bless those French-Canadian
Catholic records, they included parents’ full names with the
mother’s maiden name. My grandmother was 20, born in
Manitoba and the reference to a single woman at the time
was spinster. It indicates they were both Catholic and that
the banns had been read. Oddly enough, the copy of the
registration from 1916 and a copy of a certificate from 1965
that I’m guessing my parents requested, have different witnesses
listed… But those details don’t tell me about the
family and friends who were there. What was the reception
like? What about the hundreds of details that went in
to making that occasion happen? Do you have the same
problem with family events?
For our son’s wedding reception last month (see Lexi
and Seth on Youtube if you are interested) I was asked to
send pictures from our wedding and our parents’ wedding
day. There is no picture for my husband’s parents or either
of the grandparents that we are aware of. Details are slim
as well. It is truly sad that such important, relatively recent
events are already lost to memory. What about your own
important occasions? Have you recorded them in some
way? Are there pictures that are saved in a manner that
they will be available to future generations? Or even if
you had a fire or disaster like the recent flooding so many
people experienced? I do know that our son’s wedding and
reception are so well documented through social media that
I’m pretty confident they will be available in perpetuity!
Do you know the circumstances or marriage customs
of your ancestors? Early in North Carolina’s history, circuit
riders would go through their districts and marry individuals
in the block of time they were in that area. Those records
may or may not have ended up recorded at the state level.
Were there specific religious or cultural traditions that your
ancestors would have followed?
I know when my mother got married 65 years ago,
there was a wedding dress trend for a type of hoop around
the hip that she wished wasn’t recorded in all their photographs.
Whenever we saw those pictures she commented
on how much she disliked that style. We do have photos of
her dressed to leave after the reception with all her sisters
and her parents. And I know that they went to Seattle for
their honeymoon where she got sick on seafood which has
genetically predisposed me to not care for it – well, that’s
my best reason…
I can feel for my mom as I didn’t care for the way my hat
and attached veil looked in most of my wedding pictures
– in a few it was great. I just check with my husband and
he does remember how I felt about it but I doubt my sons
have any idea. Just a little detail I could share. My husband
did add he always thought it looked very nice – good
man! I don’t even remember the food that was served at
our reception. We do have a picture of us cutting the cake,
so I know what that looked like. I have a picture of what
looks like a hotel room where my parents’ reception was,
but not one of the cake! My point being how scattered my
information is and with all the people I need to speak to no
longer living, I can’t even ask about the food for my own
reception. Not earth shattering, but details I have lost.
My in-laws got married during WWII when they were
both 19. They were married in South Mills in Camden
County which became the hot spot for courthouse marriages
during the war for couples up and down the east coast.
We have an outdoor picture we believe was taken around
the time they got married, but that’s about it. That’s so sad.
If you are interested in some great local wedding pictures,
clothes and customs, check out the Museum of the
Albemarle’s “I DO! Weddings in the Albemarle” exhibit. If
you can’t get there in person they have a great link at http://
With the holiday season fast approaching PLEASE take
the time at ANY family get-together to talk about and record
in some manner family memories. They really are precious
and sadly have an expiration date. Don’t lose them.

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