Cupboard Concoctions By Merette Mirabilis

Season’s greeting, to one and all. Here are some recipes for making scented candles, and pine cones. The ingredients aren’t costly, and our area has a wonderful variety of pine cones to harvest from. Homemade aromatics make neat gifts, and bring a bit of seasonal magic to one’s abode, with the scent of cinnamon, peppermint, or rosemary wafting through the air.
You’ll need the following materials; large and extra-large zipper type sandwich bags, your choice of bottled powdered herbs, bottled liquid herbal extracts, and paper towels. You can use regular unscented candles, and any kind of pine cone will do. For scenting pine cones; place three or four inside a zipper type sandwich bag, and add the desired amount of powdered herb or spice to the cones. When using big pine cones, do not place more than two in a bag. Zip the bag shut, and then carefully shake it just a little bit. When using liquid herbal extracts, remember that a little goes a long way, especially with strong herbs like peppermint or spearmint. Use just enough drops to scent the pine cones. After getting the desired result, place the zippered cone bag in a cool dry place for three or four days to allow the pine cones to absorb the herbal ingredients. Then you can place the cones in a basket, or just set them around the house.
For scenting candles, powdered herbs work better, as they stick better to the candle wax. Depending on the type and size of the candles used, place two or three in a zipper type sandwich bag, and add the desired amount of powdered herb to the candles. Zip the bag shut, and then gently shake the bag for about a minute. Place the scented candles on some paper towels, and let them set for five or so minutes. You can now wrap the candles up in decorative tissue paper, or inside pre-cut pieces of brown paper bags. Carefully roll the candle up, and use bread bag twisty ties or twine to secure the wrapping. This helps to preserve the candle’s scent, and you can always replenish the candle with some more herb. When giving scented candles and pine cones as gifts; you can really bling out by using holiday ribbon, and by attaching mini ornaments, small jingle bells, and candy canes to your homemade gifts. Best wishes this holiday season, and Happy New Year to all.
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