Agricultural Happenings in Northeastern North Carolina -- by Shirley Brown, CEO

Northeastern North Carolina Coalition of Minority Farmers and Landowners.
I was born and raised in Pasquotank County. My parents were lifelong farmers. We lived on a large farm that was cultivated and managed by my father. I lead the life of a farm girl and it was one of healthfulness, profitability and happiness. My father accomplished very much with few assets available. He grew two and three crops during the course of a year on the acres he had. We had cows, chickens and every animal you can think of. Apple, pear and grape vines were always plentiful. We had a generous garden that always kept our kitchen table well supplied. I can’t remember a day I was hungry. That was a blessing. I have always been fascinated with growing of fresh vegetables.
Upon graduating from high school, my college education was in the Health Care field. One of the most important concepts in my health education was that healthy food was an integral part of good health. From Nursing, to nutrition, from nutrition to counseling, working with the military in Central America, as a Health Care Specialist and obtaining a degree as a Clinical Psychologist; each discipline has taught me that you are what you eat.
We know that “Agriculture” is the cultivation of land for profitable growth and rising of livestock. Our small farmers prepare their land by planting their crops, and harvesting them for production. The word “agriculture” was discovered in the 15th century, however, the process of tending and cultivating land to grow food for survival has been in existence since the beginning of time.
The Northeastern North Carolina Coalition of Small Minority Farmers and Landowners was designed to provide an organizational system to assist a multicultural society of Landowners and farmers with business opportunities, education, marketing strategies, policy development and global marketing skills.
I will be working with many colleagues including Dr. Hortense Dodo; Scientist, Dr. Anthony Emekalam; pharmacist, Sheryl Bradford; Researcher, and Warren Green in growing and making “clean food” available for everyone. 

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