Awareness Is the Key to Self-Defense -- By Scott Perry

The best way to defend yourself is to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation, to begin with. When out about town or even in their own home, a person needs to be aware of what is going on around them and who is around them. Keep your eyes open, and look ahead of you and behind you.
Recognize a possible threat before it is close enough to you to bring you harm. Invest in a security system for your home and keep pepper spray with you when you go out. Keep pepper spray in places around the home (out of reach of children) in places where you can get to them in case of emergency. Remember pepper spray alsoworks on animals like an aggressive dog.

Start defending yourself when you arrive at a shopping mall before you ever exit your vehicle. You should park in a well-lighted area. Always park as close to the front of the building as possible. Look around before you unlock and get out of your vehicle; determine the safest route to the building.
Be certain to have all your belongings gathered together and be ready to exit the vehicle as soon as you unlock the door. Keep your keys in your hand, space the keys between your fi ngers so that if attacked, you can use this as a defense weapon. Identify possible threats to you as you walk and avoid walking near them.

When you leave a shopping mall, the same rules apply. You must be aware of those standing around outside, and notice if someone is watching you or near your car. If you feel there is a possible threat, do not second-guess your instinct. Go back inside and ask a security guard to escort you to your car. Have your keys ready to open your vehicle and enter it, locking the doors immediately once you are in it.

If you have an electronic key on your key ring, use that only when you are standing next to the door. If it unlocks more than the driver door, do not use it at all. Keep your car doors locked while driving and your windows up, be aware of people around you when you are stopped at traffi c lights or intersections.

You must be aware of your surroundings at all times. Being aware of possible threats can help you avoid them and keep you and your loved ones safe.

Scott Perry is a concealed carry and
self defense instructor. He owns Per-
sonal Security Academy and can be
reached at 252-312-2302
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