Update on the Thomas Black family in Moyock

Info for donations to the Black family who lost their home to a fire in Moyock NC
Rebecca has spoken with the family. Their needs are as follows:
OBX CHEVROLET for clothing.
UPS STORE IN KITTY HAWK for gift certificates, cash or checks.
196 Summit Ridge is where the donations can be taken too!
Mom: 8 jeans or medium pant, XL top, 10 shoe.
Dad: 38x32 jean, large pant, XL or XXL shirt.
Daughter: 9 junior jean, medium pant, medium top, 10 shoe.
Dog and Cat: Food, litter and toys.
We are working on a storage unit for larger items at this point.
Contact Randy Shields or Rebecca https://www.facebook.com/reba4002 for more information.

 Asking for gift cards to target or kohls for clothing. They have nowhere to store Funiture or appliances at this time

 Another Update
Yesterday June 19, 2014 a powerful storm ripped though Moyock, NC.  Tons of rain, wind, lightning, and thunder.  While we are all safe in our house, lightning struck a neighbors home on Summit Farm Road.  I dont personally know this family but I do know that when a family is in need, a community should pull together!  Please donate what you can.  I just know what I have seen on FB and it was a husband, wife, daughter (12) and cat and a dog.  Anything that you could be willing to donate would mean the world to a family that has nothing but the clothes on their back at this point. Lets pull together and show everyone how Moyock is such a great place to live!  Any other donations other than money can be dropped off at her friends house Rendy Sheilds at 196 Summit Farm Trail.  Thank you for any amount that you can donate!

Saturday Update:

 Thanks to Kesha Wilkey-Prim for setting up the gofundme account to collect money for the family. In case you missed it the first time the website is 

Thanks to all those in the community who have helped out!

Monday Update:

You can now go to any Towne bank and make a donation to the Thomas Black Family.

The link is also still available to make a donation online.
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