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Had a great article written in the Albemarle Tradewinds magazine this month by Katie from Inkwell. Check out their store, it has something for everyone.

Here's the article

They’re treasure hunters, all right.
Milton and Angel Sawyer, who own Treasure Hunter at 112 North Road Street in downtown Elizabeth City, have a veritable treasure trove of items from generations near and far for sale in their 3,500 square foot storefront. Collectibles like antique furniture, vintage pyrex and glassware, lamps, books, bicycles, original artwork, toys, steamer trunks and suitcases, musical instruments and jewelry are artfully arranged throughout the building.
The jewelry display is of particular significance - quite a bit of the Sawyers’ business is in buying gold and silver of all kinds.
“We pay more than anyone else in Elizabeth City,” said Milton, an Elizabeth City native. “We are honest and fair.”
Milton prides himself on providing fair prices to both his buyers and sellers.
“I’ve always had the philosophy of buying things reasonably and selling things reasonably.”
This philosophy has allowed a quick turnover in the store, always bringing in more new items.
“What this store has to offer is a great variety of things not being found in antique stores anymore,” Milton said.
The unique displays and interesting items draw customers from all over the country to Treasure Hunter, which has been in its present location for the past five years.
“All my life, if I liked something or thought it was cool, other people did, too,” Milton said.
To see what Treasure Hunter has to offer, visit the store or _____.

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