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We watch it wash ashore, be thrown out in the trash or dwindle away in the sun and dirt along the roadside......old wood.   Husband and wife team, Mike and Kim Folds from the Outer Banks, have always loved to find new ways to use old things.  Last year they stumbled upon some rotten adirondack chairs that were destined for the garbage dump during their town's large item trash collection in the spring.  The rest, as they say, is history.  That one chair turned into four unique pieces of art.  A year later it is a quest to find local unwanted wood with history.  "Our favorite pieces have great stories to tell. We love to pass on to the customers the history of the wood.", says Kim Folds.   The pieces of art have been dubbed "Beachcycled Art". Among the pieces you will find old walkways to the beach, piers, cedar hot tub lining, wainscoting from a cottage remodel, adirondack chairs, fruit crates, pieces that have washed ashore and other mysterious origins. Each of the artwork is unique and the most interesting fact is that piece of the Outer Banks will live on. The Beachcycled Art can be purchased at The Mellowdog Gallery and Gifts at 104 Sir Walter Raleigh St in Manteo.

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