Community And EMS Pleas Fall On Deaf Ears?

By: Terry Weathers

Another week as come and gone. Sadly, it appears little has changed. I have witnessed the Commissioners sit in “our” seats and say, “we have heard you.” Have you? Have you really heard us? And if so, Are you listening?
We have stood up there at the Commissioners meetings each week, clearly creating a nuisance to the board, and used our three minutes to beg and plead for help and those pleas have been met with little more platitudes. I can’t imagine being in a position to help someone and answer the cries of people only to turn a blind eye, all for the sake of a personal agenda. Do you feel so untouchable that you are just ignoring the letters, emails, blogs and words of the people that vote you in and out of office? How about the people that pay your salary with tax dollars? How does it feel to have citizens doing a job that you should be doing? It looks ridiculous. You should be questioning county employees and their management tactics, not us. I have begun to question the integrity of your title and your ability to do your job.

“In EMS we are all patient advocates meaning we are a supporter, believer, sponsor, promoter, campaigner, backer, and/or spokesperson. We take this job seriously. Now it’s time to advocate for your family; your brothers and sisters. By doing so you are representing what is good and honorable about brotherhood and family and can restore faith in it. And please remember this in the words of Albert Einstein... ‘The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it.’”
These are the words of someone that has no voice. How does it feel to know that county personnel under your charge who feel that there livelihood is at stake, that their voice in the matter has been taken from them and that any hope they have for justice and peace of mind has deserted them favoring personal allegiances over sworn duty. In my opinion, at best you are derelict in your duties and at worst you are simply a cruel and compassionless human being.

“The process has to be fixed no matter how much right or fight you do.....the public has trusted co management to have a (right) process and they do not.” The fact that people have lost faith in you and no longer trust your ability to lead should have, by this point, signaled a change in your behavior. It has not.

I would like to know, if the County Manager were to receive a letter of grievance tomorrow, what would happen? What would be your next step? Are you going to hire someone else to evaluate management skills? Are you going to get another “audit” done? Are you going to let even more good, hardworking, selfless county employees seek employment elsewhere because you have no backbone and integrity to stand of for what is right? I’ll say this, I’ve done my own audit and evaluation of your management skills. It wasn’t a difficult task and didn’t cost tax payers a red cent. All I had to do was watch the Commissioner Meetings. I watch you make continuous excuses for your favorite employees, I watched you turn a blind eye to people in a position of hurt and ignore their cries for help. Are you willing to let all of these employees seek legal counsel and get our county get tied up in the court room for the next 4 years? Let me remind you, we don’t do all that well in the legal system as a county. All of this speaks volumes of your ability to “manage” a county.

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  1. Its interesting that there have been no comments. Perhaps people are too afraid of the fact that they must post their identity along with their comments. Perhaps the situation not really all that bad in the employee's or the public's mind. If the situation is indeed as the original poster leads us to believe, it is time for people to put aside their fears and let their thoughts be known. Whatever the case, best wishes to the fine men and women that staff the ambulances in Currituck County and thank you for your service!


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