A Cry For Help, Currituck County EMS Crippled by Bullying and Threats

Campaign slogans are still fresh in our minds and our “I voted” stickers still firmly attached to the dashboards of our trucks. We did the right thing to encourage change and let our elected officials know we aren’t happy with their lack of leadership. Or did we? Did our leaders hear our voice? You see, apparently there is has been an issue festering in the trenches of Currituck’s EMS. It didn’t start this week, this month or even in the last six months. It’s a hard issue for people to wrap their heads (and hearts) around unless they are enduring it themselves. The stories I’ve heard from the people actually in the midst of this scandal have been heartbreaking to say the least. Bullying is clearly no longer a term that is reserved for middle school students about to undergo puberty. Apparently it is alive and well in our EMS department around the county. Those same folks that we call in our most desperate time of need and anguish need us now more than ever. They need us to stand up and have a voice for them. Their voices have been taken away and their leadership has silenced them. I have heard that they have been threatened with their jobs if they speak out. These folks have families, jobs, mortgages and car payments just like us. Some of them have dismissed so close to retirement that it is heartbreaking. “The low morale is in essence the result of the bullying and mismanagement of Chief Glover towards the employees. The employees fear for their employment to even speak openly of the problems that lie within Currituck County Fire-EMS System. Individuals over the past several years have been through the chain of command in discussing the problems that lie within Currituck County Fire-EMS with no results from them taking the risk. Chief Glover has stated on multiple occasions that the County Employees are not allowed to discuss interdepartmental problems with the County Commissioners, and anyone that does will be dealt with accordingly,” one EMS employee anonymously states.  Another employee states that upper management told them, “If you think it’s so bad here, go work somewhere else, your behavior is insubordinate (complaints of bullying, going to county manager) you could be fired.  Dan is on board with me on this, you should be fired for insubordination.” I can’t imagine having to go to my superior ABOUT MY SUPERIOR and complain about my hostile work environment.  One former employee states, “I was an employee of Currituck Fire and EMS for years. I loved my job and was excited to go to work everyday! I also worked full time for Corolla Fire and Rescue before the county completely took it over. My reviews were always excellent, until Chief Carter and Chief Glover. Glover started having one of the captains, Lee Morris, harassing me and bullying me.” Unfortunately, we lost this young lady to another county. She couldn’t take the treatment anymore.  One commissioner actually recommended that these employees seek legal counsel. Am I the only one that feels like that is an asinine statement? What a frivolous way to spend OUR tax dollars, because you don’t want to get a spine and do your job. The newspaper recently anonymously quoted another EMS employee as saying, “the environment has becomes so toxic that it is becoming impossible to do our jobs to the level that we are capable.” How utterly terrifying. The people we call when there is a life threatening emergency can’t do their job because the “environment is so toxic…” Folks, this is not an EMS issue, this is a county PROBLEM. We will all ultimately be affected at one time or another. Call your commissioners (remind them election time is in just a few months), call the county manager (remind him where his salary comes from) and let him know how you feel about this.  I have even heard upper management thinks the current investigation is funny. Well here is my message to them; your salary is graciously paid by my tax dollars. So when you laugh at issues that I see as detrimental to my county, I will make it my mission to have you removed from your current position. When you treat our people in a way that they feel their jobs are threatened, I feel it is only fair to return the favor. These folks have a train behind them, it’s slow and steady. I’ve heard that’s how you win the race…
-Terry Weathers

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