EMS Broken Trust

By: Terry Weathers

The County Commissioner Meetings are starting to be a late night circus. It seems the procedure for public comment has drastically changed in recent weeks. I will admit my ignorance where Mrs. Kitty Etheridge and her land are concerned. I really don’t know the facts and don’t have an opinion on the county’s position regarding the land. I do, however, have an opinion on the gross disrespect from a commissioner to one of his constituents. My understanding of the public comment session was that a citizen has the right to stand at that podium for three minutes and make his or her comment and state his or her opinion. Never have I seen a rebuttal that lasted TWENTY minutes after a public comment. I didn’t think that was the way it was supposed to work. To the general public, it all looks very rehearsed and well thought out. Why is it that there is a twenty minute long tirade/explanation regarding Mrs. Etheridge’s issues, yet we can’t get a comment at all from anyone regarding EMS issues? Is she easier to target because she is one lady standing up there alone? Well, that certainly makes you all look big and tough; you have (almost) managed to intimidate an older citizen who has challenged your position. She is right, she has been respectful each time I have seen her at the podium. So, if this isn’t a bullying tactic that is being used, it sure appears that way to everyone watching. I don’t know the facts of the case but I will say I feel sorry for that sweet woman standing up there just trying to voice her opinion before a few men in expensive suits that continue to pounce on her. You sit there with your pictures and slide shows and do an “impromptu” presentation and the rest of the county can see right through the shenanigans.

Another week has come to a close, from what I understand, nothing has changed with the EMS personnel matters. The person accused of bullying is still bullying and he has his folks bully and threaten when and where he can’t (seems he is on vacation). For weeks, all we heard was “Put it writing. Sign your name to it.” Well they did. And you turned them away on a technicality. So now, as I understand it, you have let the accused bully see these names. I wonder if his treatment of them will be better now. What an asinine move on your part. This looks like you planted the ultimate trap and we, THINKING you were finally going to do the right thing, took the bait. Now the same people we wanted to help, will suffer once again. They will suffer because they did what you asked them to do. The best way to describe your actions are as shameful. Shame on you for continuing to turn a blind eye as others suffer at their places of employment while you sit in your cushy offices and give orders. Shame on you for you blatant disrespect for our citizens that go to work each morning with the intent to save lives. Do you have a slide show rebuttal in response to my comments? Would you like for the public to see how EMS describe their hostile work environments? Would you like to be embarrassed by citizens of this county being made aware of what you are allowing those in power to get away with? I doubt it. Bring on your presentations. Bring on your slide shows. I have letters for my presentation. I have firsthand accounts of what is taking place while folks sit back and do nothing. The twenty seven employees will suffer because you are choosing a personal agenda over the right thing to do. These folks finally found enough courage to sign a document stating how they felt and you pushed it away. What does it take? I truly don’t know how you can look at yourselves each morning. You have clearly let a few favored employees in our system make a mockery of your ability to manage and control (or lack thereof). I heard a story the other night of an elderly citizen that went for a blood pressure check at one of the stations. She told EMS personnel that she waited as long as she could because she knew the system was in shambles and was nervous about coming about getting her blood pressure checked. BRAVO! The citizens that need EMS the most are concerned about utilizing the services provided because they know the mess that has been created.  The system is currently seen as a joke and is broken. You have been made a mockery of and no one trusts you. The bullying continues, the threats to be transferred haven’t stopped and yet you do nothing. Nothing, but plant a trap for twenty seven trusting employees. Since the “bully” has been in position of power, seventy (plus) have walked away from a career that takes years to build. You see nothing wrong with this? Are you going to call that a coincidence? How did the “fact finding exploration” go? What other facts could you possibly need other than twenty seven employees put their necks on the line to make you aware of what is taking place under your watch and you have once again turned a blind eye? Or do you just turn your heads once again to the people that truly care for their community and want nothing but the best for them?

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  1. The Currituck county residents deserve the best E.M.S. possible !... They had it, and now a couple of county commissioners have thrown that into jeopardy !.. " Shameful " !


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