Island Breeze Grill needs some business.

We saw their appeal on Facebook the other day and decided to give the food a try. First of all, I thought that it would be hard to get there because of the construction. Nothing could be further from the truth. It really was a relief to drive right up and park across the street. Just come down McMorrine St and follow the detour. It is really easy to get there. I ordered a couple burgers, some rice and beans, and cheese fries, carry out . The price was great, and much better than any of the fast food places. Let's pull together and help a local business. Everyone always says "Buy Local". Now is the time for some action to support Island Breeze grill and the other folks that have taken a hit because of the construction downtown.
Here is the link to the menu

Island Breeze Grill needs some business. Island Breeze Grill needs some business. Reviewed by kensunm on 7:35:00 PM Rating: 5

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  1. We love this restaurant, but not their hours. Last Sunday, we tried to take an out of town guest, but they had closed at 7:00 pm. They aren't open at all on Saturday. We are too busy during the week to eat out..... We would support them more if they would shift some hours to the weekend!


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