Keep Training -- by Duke Hodges

Don’t train until you get it right.  Train until you can’t get it wrong.  I have gotten giddy at the way women are getting into firearm use.  I believe that their reasons to take responsibility for family and self is wonderful.  And the ladies are taking steps to obtain concealed carry permits, which is great.  In reading some shooting periodicals women have their own section by and for women.  They are into competition in matches and doing one heck of a good job and are recognized for their skill.  So wives, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers are packing heat.  GREAT!  As I have before, said skill with a gun brings a tremendous responsibility and that is knowing and understanding the law.  You need to self educate as part of the training process. VA/NC DOJ  will have a page you can call up on the computer regarding gun laws.  I was reading the United States Concealed Carry Association magazine. Concealed Carry, and got a real wake up call.  Signs such as “We don’t call 911” and/or “trespassers will be shot-survivors will be shot again” and the like will certainly be seen as a negative for you by making you look like a criminal in a court of law by a prosecutor.  Guess what?   My sign was removed right then.  Deadly force still must be justified.  Read all you can about the unthinkable and get to know a good self defense attorney.  Billable hours comes to mind.  I strongly suggest you look into joining the USCCA, a worthwhile thing and they have a policy called SHIELD which pays for attorney fees which are not cheap.  As an instructor and CC permit holder, I have that coverage and pray I will never need it.  With all of the buffoonery going on now in our nation cool and rational thinking and avoidance of adverse situations must be high on our daily routines… Think this as a starter “If I knew I’d be defending the lives of my loved tomorrow, how would I prepare today?  We spent a wonderful  Christmas day with good friends and who are extended family.  We arrived home after dark and were talking about the day when we heard the blast of a shotgun.  I went onto the porch and heard the sound of many shots being fired.  My reaction was to retreat into the house.  My logic was get to cover because I didn’t know what was going on and get out of the way of bullets with the knowledge that what goes up must come down.  Don’t place yourself in a situation where you may be injured or worse.
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