Second Amendment and the election. -- by Joe Forbes

In a few weeks, we will elect a new President. That President will shape the future of this country for generations to come, not only by a legislative agenda, but by appointing 4 Supreme Court justices as
well. (Justice Kennedy is 80, Justice Ginsburg is 83, Justice Breyer is 78, and Justice Scalia is deceased). Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life, and can only be removed by impeachment.
As this article is traditionally written about the Second Amendment, I’m assuming you have at least a passing interest in the importance of your right to bear arms. So before you cast your vote, you need to know the candidates’ positions on the subject.

One candidate has declined to say that the Constitution guarantees a right to bear arms, despite the plain language of the Second Amendment. That same candidate said that the Supreme Court decision
in the Heller case (which affirmed the right of the individual to bear arms) was wrong, telling The Free Beacon on 10/1/15 that the Supreme Court was wrong in saying that the right to bear arms is
an individual right. That candidate vowed to”make that case every chance I get”.
One candidate is deliberately spreading the outright lie that there is an “online loophole” that allows people to legally buy guns interstate over the Internet with no background check or paperwork involved.

This is a blatant attempt to gin up fear and hysteria for an issue that does not exist.
One candidate told The Free Beacon on 10/16/15, “Certainly the Australia example is worth looking at”, referring to the firearms confiscation plan conducted in Australia.
One candidate told The Washington Post on 10/1/93 that they were “all for” a 25% tax on firearms and ammunition to raise money to fund health care.
One candidate has vowed to repeal the law that protects firearms manufacturers from lawsuits over people using their product illegally. This would have the effect of destroying the firearms industry.
One candidate told The Washington Post on 10/1/93 that they supported an “assault” weapons ban in the 1990’s, and that the ban should be reinstituted.

One candidate supports “universal background checks” for every gun sale, even between family members and friends. These checks would have to be paid for, thereby raising the cost of the sale. The checks would be conducted by a government entity like the one who puts thousands of people on “no-fly lists” in error. Once you are on a “no gun list”, good luck getting off. Just ask the people on the no-fly list by mistake.

One candidate has vowed to enact further gun control, by executive order if necessary.
If you don’t know which candidate I’m talking about, isn’t it rather reckless of you to vote while ignorant of these positions?
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