Hallelujah Girls -- By: Colleen Brown Assistant to the Director

The Carolina Theater is bustling with rehearsals again as a cast made of familiar faces and new stars prepare for another dramatic production sure to wow and charm audiences.
This fall, the Hertford Theater is producing The Hallelujah Girls, a comedy by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope &Jamie Wooten. Directed by Tom Laughlin, stalwart and founding member of the Theater, it stars Deborah Norbriga, Mark Anderson, both newcomers to the Carolina, strongly supported by Anne Taylor, Linda Gregory, May Robertson, Nelia Lane, Larry McLaughlin and Jacquie Zimmerman. Several of those names should be familiar to Carolina Theater fans. Loughlin has been heard to remark to his cast, “This may be the best show we’ve ever done here.”
The Hallelujah Girls is a story of lost love, manicures, rising above hardship and the importance of a good facial, recreating yourself, reaching for your dreams, pedicures, saunas and Civil War legends. What more could an audience ask for in a sweet and salty comedy that will send them out laughing and humming Christmas carols?
The technical side of the production, ably directed by long-time Carolina Theater member Steve Burket, ably seconded by Frank Norman and Mimi Galgano, promises to be spectacular as Galgano’s color scheme underlines and enriches the story of rebirth and romance while Burket’s foley & lighting effects highlight the dramatic and slightly fantastic nature of the action. There are times when you almost believe that there’s an army of bulldozers outside, ready to do their worst For those who demand a more educations side to their theatre, The Hallelujah Girls promises to offer answers
to the following questions:
How do you get rid of a headache without pills?
How do you make your dreams come true?
How do you protect your small Georgia town against
Civil War general Tecumseh Sherman?
What’s more American than being “determined, motivated
and self-reliant”?
What’s more romantic than being separated from your
lover by being “struck by lightning while riding bareback
on the cliffs above a fjord in Scandinavia”?
And, also, “how do you get so much stuffing in these jalapenos?”

With Carolina Theater’s signature refreshments offered at intermission, The Hallelujah Girl’s is guaranteed to offer audiences a good night out. Just get your tickets at Carolina Trophy before the best seats are gone.

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