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By now the Regular Summer Olympics in Rio are over. If you watched them this year you would
have seen the excellent coverage of the archery competitions. In September the Paralympics begin
and you can see more archery and the challenges taken on by these competitors.
Why, you might ask, am I speaking of Olympic Style target archery in a bow hunting
column? Archery has been a competitive sport through the ages. Competitive target archery will
enhance your skills for hunting. In Olympic style archery the competitors shoot rounds of three
arrows at 70 meters. Granted, we do not hunt animals at that distance with bows and arrows, but
that type of shooting will make us better at shorter hunting distances. The concentration involved,
the holding on point, the steadiness in our forms are all attributes which contribute to better
shooting when harvesting game. So what can we do to enhance our skills? While most of us do not
have access to 70 meter ranges there are places we can go to get in the practice we need to enhance
our skills with shooting the bow.
3-D shoots. There are various clubs and ranges within North Carolina and its neighboring
states where an individual can go and shoot. Some 3-D shoots are competitive in nature and others
will allow you to shoot the ranges for a small fee. 3-D shooting is the best way to get prepared for
each upcoming bow season. The sizes and various types of targets are amazing and are challenging
to shoot. Some distances are known and some are unknown, some courses allow the use of rangefinders and some you must guesstimate! (Both great for hunting situations).
Field archery. This is an archery event in which archers will shoot known distances from
35 feet to 90 yards. The targets will vary in sizes from 6 inches diameter to 36 inches in diameter.
A field event is an amazing course to shoot, whether using a compound bow, traditional bow or an
Olympic style bow. Sometimes a field course will be an “animal” shoot . The archer will shoot at
paper targets of animals from rabbits and squirrels to Kodiak bears.
You will find these types of shoots enlightening as to your skills with a bow and arrow.
They are fun, the camaraderie is amazing, and in many cases food will be in abundance. Search
your area and find the ranges available for you to shoot and practice. If there are no ranges available
in your area or nearby it is possible for you to me your own range. Get with some buddies
and design a small course to shoot. Targets can be ordered and distances set up according to the
National Field Archery Association, various companies that sell 3-D or general archery targets, or
simply make your own, Regardless of which avenue you choose...... You will love it!
Take a child with you and quadruple your fun. There is nothing like the joy in a child’s eye from watching the arrow leave his bow.
I have shot in all four events and like many I have a bow set up for 3-D, Olympic style, field style, and paper animal style shooting. (According to my wife too many).
Remember hunting season is about to start... check your equipment, your ethics, and be safe!! Have a great season this year!
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