Voters opinions muzzled?

It seems as though the local paper wants to muzzle the opinions of the citizens. Dr Adams sent a letter to the local paper and was told that they would have to edit it because it concerned candidates for office. Dr Adams then replied suggesting they remove mention of the candidate but run the letter leaving the logic and argument in place. They edited the letter to remove his intent. He was upset at this and contacted us (and the lawyers) to set this straight.We all know how much the local echo chamber wants their candidate to win. Should we as voters trust a group where the ends justify the means? A group of lawyers felt strongly enough to take an ad out to voice their opinions. Mr Adams followed up with a letter citing scholarly reasons (with citations) on why the lawyers have a sound argument. We do not feel that these opinions should be stifled. We think that the voters should be informed and that they can make up their own minds. Here is the letter unfiltered and then the edited version as printed.

This makes you wonder. Have the other letters that support the local papers candidate of choice been edited?  Or worse yet, can we trust anything printed in the paper?

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