Trucks In The 252 - North Vs South

Trucks In The 252 - North Vs South

By: Robert Heikens

North vs South mud race at Dennis Anderson's Muddy Motorsports Park was a day of some of the best names, best trucks, and best crowd I think the park has ever seen! The side by side mega truck races and one ton truck races showcased some amazing trucks with talented drivers! The night of racing included a tough truck competition with drivers putting stock trucks to the ultimate test and several jumped over the last hill and jumped higher than some mega truck racers! Several trucks had crashes but the track crew responded to all quickly, getting the drivers out safely and relatively unharmed .

Exciting racing between Carolina Spank A Nator and Opelicious race team was one of the great races of the night with the 252 areas own Carolina Spankanator winning. Milkman, Jason Sasser and Pela Motorsports, Adam Pela stunned the crowd with their awesome diesel mega trucks with Jason Sasser winning in a close race where both trucks almost got crossed up over the finish line jump! Pela landed hard, blowing out a rear tire while Jason landed hard on one side blowing out both front and rear tires! The action was super and the racers that came from other states put a show on for the crowd and kept everyone cheering all night long. Although all of the carnage of the night took time to get cleared and out of harms way, the track crew did a good job but stayed busy all night long! With a warm day followed by a brief, cooling shower and a beautiful night, it was a great day for a mud race and Dennis Anderson's Muddy Motorsports Park didn't disappoint the crowd and hosted a wonderful event for everyone! 

Trucks Gone Wild had their film crew and merchandise trailer there also and helped with this awesome event to make it one of the best the east coast will see this year!

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