Trucks In The 252 - Weston Anderson - "BOG HOG"

By: Robert Heikens

There are many famous families involved in professional motorsports racing and Currituck county is home to one of the biggest! The Anderson family now has three members racing in one form or another.  Dennis, Adam, and Ryan are all monster truck drivers that all started racing in the mud. Dennis now has his youngest son, Weston, working his way up the ladder to success in his own mud truck called "BOG HOG"!

"BOG HOG" started out as Dennis' street truck, GD 6, in the early 90's with the famous Gravedigger paint scheme, big block chevy power, one ton running gear, and 44 inch tires! This truck could be seen all over the OBX and was also used for displays and promotions for Gravedigger racing.GD 6 has seen all three of the Anderson men behind the wheel with Adam racing it at his 16th birthday party mud bog held beside the shop and house. After Dennis decided to build a mud truck for Ryan to race at his own Muddy Motorsports Park, the body was sold and the rest of the truck was built and transformed into the "Son Uva Digger" mud truck! A 565ci alcohol injected, leaf sprung truck with a willys body was raced all over the states at events with his father's "KING SLING" mega truck.

Needing to go faster to compete with other trucks,the chassis was four linked, and a 671 supercharger was added. Ryan kept on winning and proving the truck was a competitive piece! Ryan and Dennis both since have stopped mud racing due to their busy Monster Jam schedules and the time was right to build a truck for Weston!

Weston Anderson, youngest of Dennis' four kids, at the age of 12, will debut his mud truck at Muddy Motorsports Park on October 18th at the last race of the 2014 season at the park.Weston is a seventh grade student at Currituck middle school and is excited to race his 565ci alcohol injected with an Enderle single butterfly injection, 900 plus hp , willys jeep bodied truck at his father's birthday bash at the park.The truck is set up with 42 inch tall tractor style tires with custom made rims,Pro fab drop box, Overtime 20" travel rear shocks,18" travel front shocks,14 bolt rearend with a locker and super 14 bolt front end with open carrier and Overson axles, and a FTI 400 TH transmission with a 4800 rpm stall converter! Sponsors include MSD ignition, Overtime shocks, FTI transmissions, Pro Fab drop box, Spectrachrome, and mom & dad.

Weston got his start in power wheels racing, has tested mini monster trucks beside the Gravedigger shop, has done go kart stunts, mini van stunts, and even a bulldozer stunt at Muddy Motorsports Park! He now says he's ready to get behind the wheel of his own mud truck. Weston has always wanted to race and follow in his dads and brothers footsteps, eventually moving into a monster truck when the time is right! A crew of people have helped his dream come true! Clifford Thomas, Josh Garcia, Dan Bright, Paul Cohen, R.L. Arace, Richard Midgette,Ryan, Adam, Krysten, Dennis and Carisa Anderson have all helped with his sister, Krysten coming up with the trucks name!

Weston will be competing in side by side mega truck classes one ton truck , iron x, and unlimited classes and eventually doing some freestyle runs once he gets some valuable seat time and gets comfortable in his truck! He will run at Muddy Motorsports Park, Morgan's Corner Proving Grounds, Saluda raceway, Hogwaller, Jump n Run, West Georgia mud park, and Jacksonville!

"BOG HOG" shirts will be for sale at park at merchandise trailer, just look for Carisa. Hats, koozies, flags and stickers will be coming soon also.

The whole family has been behind the build of "Teeny Mans" truck and Dennis and Carisa look forward to everyone coming out and cheering for Weston.

Again this proves that mud racing is a family sport and Weston will have a top notch crew at the track with crew members Clifford Thomas, Josh Garcia, and R.L. Arace there to make sure the truck is ready for action! These men have tons of experience, building not only this truck, but also Son Uva Digger and King Sling and being the crew traveling with the trucks! They have built strong, safe trucks that compete with the best trucks out there.

The Anderson family is a true racing family and a wonderful asset to the community. The Muddy Motorsports Park that Dennis built provides a great family oriented place for competitors to race at and a place for the community to come out and enjoy! Dennis, Carisa, Adam, and Ryan do so much for the community and have earned the respect of everyone they meet.Weston will continue that tradition with his family behind him the whole way.Mud racing is a great family sport and the Anderson family proves that!

Come on out to Muddy Motorsports Park on October 18th "Bogging For Boobies" and watch the youngest of Dennis' boys rip it up and put on a show for the crowd like only an Anderson can do! "Teeny man" and "BOG HOG" will be a competitive force in the mud racing world and I personally think it's a great sport for young men and women to get into because it is a family sport!

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