Holly Koerber - Audette's article in October Albemarle Tradewinds

We are excited to have Holly Koerber - Audette as a writer in the new edition of the Albemarle Tradewinds. Holly adds a new dynamic to our magazine. She is quickly becoming known as the Ayn Rand of our area with her political observations and commentary. Here is her first article - Holly Koerber - Audette, unfiltered.

954, 1151, 2208, 2601.   These are the kind of numbers Andrew Womble confronts daily since becoming District Attorney for the first Judicial District in November, 2013. They represent cases he inherited and the number of days individual defendants have spent awaiting trial at the local tax payers’ expense. Most importantly, these are the number of days VICTIMS have been waiting for justice to be served.

When Andrew grew up in small town Northeastern North Carolina, you didn’t lock your doors and you were as likely to get a lecture from the police chief about doing the right thing as you were your parents. People flew the flag with pride and civility among members of the community was the rule, not the exception. There may have been mischief but it was a far cry from the kind and frequency of crime we all deal with today.

Andrew was raised to respect the law and law enforcement. Education was valued and your best effort expected.  Andrew exemplified these traditional values as high school valedictorian and law school graduate with honors.

It was his work ethic combined with results that caught the attention of Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Richard Parker who appointed Andrew Womble the first Chief Public Defender in the 1st Judicial District (Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Pasquotank and Perquimans) in 2004. With offices in Chowan, Dare and Pasquotank Counties, the Public Defender’s office grew to 10 assistant public defenders and Andy was subsequently reappointed as Chief Public Defender in 2008 and 2012. In 2012, Andy was asked by the State of North Carolina to assume responsibility and locate and manage a Public Defender’s Office for the 5 counties in the 2nd Judicial District. The Washington, NC office of the Public Defender’s Office opened in early 2013 and Andy oversaw all indigent criminal defense cases for the 12 counties of the 1st and 2nd Judicial Districts. His district was the largest Public Defender district in the State, by both geography and by number of counties.

It is this combined almost two decades of trying cases and management that makes Andrew so qualified to be District Attorney, a fact his peers recognized when they voted to recommend him to the Governor for appointment as District Attorney. Having represented indigent defendants, Andrew knows exactly how important it is to have victims of crime well represented in a timely manner. Just as a coach for defense must know offense to be effective. He knows the exorbitant expense to taxpayers that result from lengthy delays in prosecution of cases and he knows the heartbreak and long-suffering of victims as the wheels of justice do not move.

Andrew brought his passion for justice, his experience establishing and managing a public office involved in justice and his trial experience as an attorney in private practice to his role as District Attorney.  Just as his peers recognized his abilities when they recommended him to the Governor for appointment to District Attorney, they recognize the positive impact he has had since taking the job: 

“In almost 20 years of practice here, I’ve never seen the staff and attorneys in the District Attorney’s office be as friendly, upbeat, organized and responsive as they have been this year under Andrew Womble’s administration & leadership.” Danny Glover, Partner, Teague & Glover Law Firm

“Andrew Womble has the kind of experience necessary for a District Attorney – Leadership Experience.  Along with Andrew’s 19 years of experience in the legal profession, he is credited with establishing a top-notch public defender’s office and leading that team effectively for nearly 10 years. He is a well-respected and ethical leader. ”  Eddie O’Neal, Partner, Twiford Law Firm

Andrew Womble realizes the value of feeling safe in your home, schools, and communities. Asking for the public’s trust in contributing to this is not something he takes lightly.  The world is a different place from when he was raised in rural Northeast North Carolina but the values he was raised with continue to serve him well. Do all things you undertake with dedication, determination and decisiveness.  That’s how District Attorney Andrew Womble will continue to manage justice for victims in North Carolina.
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