Trucks In The 252 - Bogging For Boobies

By: Robert Heikens

Saturday's race at Dennis Anderson's Muddy Motorsports Park was all about breast cancer awareness and raising money for it. The turnout of people was great, showing that Currituck county and other local residents are always eager to help out a good charity!

Atv racing, autocross, truck show and shine, and street, super street, unlimited, tuff truck, side by side mega truck, and iron x classes were all part of the show Saturday, all putting on great racing for the crowd. 

The tuff truck class was won by Luther Gagnon with "Just Blazin" with over a one second lead over the second place finisher. Twenty trucks competed in this class and kept the crowd on their feet cheering for all of the competitors. Street class, with seventeen plus trucks in it was was won by Johnnie Mizell in "War Horse" with the truck also grabbing third place with driver Sonya Mizell. Super street class, won by Johnnie Mizell in "Tetanus Shot" had a field of eighteen trucks with four trucks not completing the timed run! Will Dorsett, in "Wicked Wayz" placed third in the class without his well known father, Herby Dorsett, not attending while he was at a friend's wedding that day. Super modified class had eight trucks entered with only six running! Ray Atkins in "Haulin Gas" took the number one spot with a 4.81 second pass.Unlimited class with thirteen trucks entered, only seven trucks ran with Jason Berry and "Amped Up" winning. Jason had to rebuild his truck after a terrible crash at the North vs South race at the park when he crashed and flipped the truck near the finish line. It was great to see Jason come back and win this class! Side by side mega truck class, won by James Tauchen with "Nasty Habit" had the best combined time of 60.758 seconds. Weston Anderson's first race with his "Bog Hog" came in fourth in the class at his first race of the year, quite an accomplishment for the aspiring young twelve year old driver. Iron x class had four trucks compete out of the ten trucks entered to run.James Tauchen with "Nasty Habit" won the class and the truck also placed second with Kyle Bickers driving! The other two competitors did not finish the tough and long course. Brian Vicks truck,"Pick Pocket" had a strong run going ahead of his competitor when he broke the intermediate shaft in the transmission near the finish line ending his night.Michael Snyder with "Bug Nutz", after finishing third in side by side mega truck class had a horrific crash that tore his truck up and put him out of the race! Michael was ok with the quick response of the track crew. Danny Ray Leach in Spank-a-nator had a good first pass in side by side mega truck class but had motor problems in the second run, popping the burst panel on the supercharger and  the blower belt coming off cause of it which put him out for the day.

Weston Anderson's first race in "Bog Hog" had the crowd erupting in cheer for the youngest of Dennis' sons in mega truck and unlimited class but Dennis pulled him out of Iron x class feeling that he needed more seat time before running the longer and more difficult iron x class! The three passes that I saw Weston run were impressive to watch as the twelve year old Anderson looked like a veteran racer! Yielding a fifth place finish in unlimited with a time of 5.147 seconds against some of the best trucks around was spectacular and a fourth place finish in the two pass, combined scoring race in side by side mega truck class proved that Weston has what it takes to run with the big boys and he impressed the crowd for his first time out!

The ATV racers along with the autocross racers entertained the crowd keeping them hollering for more.The staff and crew at Muddy Motorsports Park kept the event on schedule all night, kept the competitors safe through all the carnage of the day and again put on an action packed show that kept the crowd cheering the whole day! This was the last race of the season for Muddy Motorsports Park and I would have to say that they went out with a bang! The racing action was great with some crashes and breakage of trucks but a good time was had by all.

BOGGING FOR BOOBIES race will always draw a good crowd of people with a good number of very competitive trucks coming out to support and raise money and awareness for breast cancer and the never ending fight to find a cure! God bless all and keep coming out supporting our local tracks and our awesome competitors! I would like to thank Casey Carr, Spare Parts race team, Kings of Mud,Busted Knuckle films, Mud Nation, and Christine Ackerman for all your help and pictures! Hope everyone has a wonderful 2014 and a prosperous 2015!

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