North Carolina Bow Hunter July 2017

Its that time again... the summer heat is upon us, as we try to keep cool and wait for the evening breeze to waft over us...we need to check our equipment. Do some of that maintenance that you may have been putting off. Now is the time to check our tree stands. Check to make sure the stand is in proper order if you are using a climbing stand, check the nuts and bolts and tree connections. If you are using a ladder stand check the connections and points of contact with the tree. Does your tree stand need to be replaced ? After all, your life may depend on the safeness of that stand. Too many hunters fall out of tree stands or have them collapse. How about your safety harness? Is it in working order? Your life does depend on that piece of equipment. If it needs to be replaced … do so immediately!
It is also time also to scout your territory. What are the summer patterns for the deer in your hunting area? Are you hunting any new areas? Are you planning to hunt one or more of the many Gamelands our great State has to offer ? If so now is the time to go out visit and familiarize yourself with those areas. Do not wait until a week or so before the season begins. You will be doing yourself a disservice. Make scouting fun, take your hunting buddies with you into the field. Do a little roving (stump shooting) while scouting. Better yet, take a child with you, introduce him/her to hunting. Include a camera in your foray and take some pictures of the area now, again in four weeks or so, then four weeks more take the same shots to see what has changed. Take a notebook, note the trees, (what type..are there any white acorn trees or fruit trees?), write down details. Note the trails in the area, are there secondary or tertiary trails adjacent? These are the trails that the bucks will be traveling. What places will make good stand positions? Will you use a ground blind? If using a ground blind. Lay the foundation now and build it up as you make other scouting trips. Build one at home to practice out of. Don't take a chance on a bad shot because you haven't practiced shooting from your blind or stand.
Bow fishing for most archers is in full swing. Have you tried your hand at bow fishing? I can tell you ,from my perspective, it is a lot of fun. When that arrow connects with the fish get ready for an awesome feeling... and fight, especially if you are pulling the fish in by hand. There are several bow fishing reels on the market. Some are just like the reels on your fishing rods, some are like discs that you wrap the line around, and opthers are home made. Check out the type of reel that will fit your bow fishing needs. I hope some of you made it to the NCBA Bow Fishing Bash in June. It is an annual gathering, if you didn't get to go this year... maybe you can make it to next year's Bash.
The annual NCBA picnic will be coming in August at the new campgrounds and property. If you get the opportunity come on out. We will be talking bowhunting, arrow placement, and just having a great time.

Respectfully submitted.
Talmage Dunn,, 252-267-5437,District 1 Wildlife Rep for NCBA
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