Summer is settling in - by Colleen Brown

Summer is settling in, hot and busy. Beach traffic soars, and, even though we may have vacation time coming to us, with planning, packing, travel arrangements, bustling about to enjoy every minute of our precious time not working, vacation can be as exhausting as a work project! Have you ever wanted a break that was peace, relaxation, serenity and close to home? Well, let me make a suggestion.
We boast that Perquimans County has four hundred years of history and – here’s the part I want you to notice – one hundred miles of coastline. And the coastline is just the beginning of the water wonders that the county offers. Perquimans is a paradise for small boats. (It’s not a bad place for big boats either but that’s a different article.) Drifting down a slow river, only just above the waterline, far enough from civilization that you don’t hear the noise, close enough that you can get to that marvelous French restaurant for dinner? That a small boat on the Perquimans River. Or any of the smaller waterways across the county.
And, the Perquimans River offers unique overnight accommodations. No, I’m not talking about the lovely bed and breakfast inns of the county, I mean the camping platforms built along the river for those who can’t bear to leave the river even after the sun has gone down. Have you seen them? Nestled into the woods along the river, with steps down to the water for easy mooring and access, surrounded by trees, quiet and solitude? Glimpses of paradise.
Seekers after tranquility, look no further. Bird watchers, two of the official North Caroling Birding Trails lie on the Perquimans River. The waterways and the surrounding country are full of wildlife. How about dropping a line over the side and seeing what’s swimming below you that can’t resist your bait? Boat lovers, here is a local opportunity to never leave the water. And, for anyone with a camera, every bend of the river offers beauty after beauty after beauty. This is a vacation that you can come back from, rested.
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