Whats in your diet? August 2017 - By Warren Green

Recently, I read a disturbing study, published by the New England Journal of Medicine, that asserted that 30% of the population of the world was affected by weight problems, 10% are listed as obese.
Among the 20 most-populous countries the USA has the highest level of obesity among children and young adults,at 13%. The USA also has the most obese adults at 79 million. Richard Wender, Chief Cancer Control Officer, at the American Cancer Society, said obesity and inactivity could account for more cancer deaths than smoking, if the current trends continue.

My interpretation of the data is that diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, that stem from your diet, will be the primary factors in your quality of life. Another important factor that your diet impacts, is your economy/your wallet. Any major disease that you get in the USA will probably bankrupt you.

So, let's review. I've written consistently about our toxic environment including lead in our water, arsenic in our poultry, sub-therapeutic antibiotics and rBGH in our live stock, carcinogenic material used to cure and preserve the tissue of the livestock. Anyone of the aforementioned toxins, permitted in the food chain, can cause medical problems. Any major disease you get in the in the United States has the potential to bankrupt you.

Here are this months VOLUNTARY recalls that might be sold in our region: Maid-Rite Specialty Foods, recalls beef products such as “Fully Cooked Meatballs”, “ Fully Cooked Beef Burgers” and similar ground beef products adulterated with undeclared “milk”. Institutional packaging. Est.115.
This is the biggie. Marathon Enterprises,Inc. recalls almost eight million hot dog products due to possible extraneous material contamination. Retail labeled as Sabrett Est. 8854.

I'm involved in an advocacy group called the “Northeastern Food Chain Project” ( A Northeastern North Carolina Innovative Food Economy Collaborative ) our objectives are to invigorate the regional economy, create new markets for local farmers, create jobs through agribusiness, incubate small businesses/entrepreneurs, increase healthy eating, reduce poverty, and reduce food disparities/hunger.
Finally, I believe clean, wholesome food will help to mitigate the severe health disparity in the Albemarle, and it will be measurable. The only food products that are recognized as clean and wholesome by the USDA and FDA are identified in the food chain as “Certified Organic”. Interestingly enough, there aren't any Organic Soil Certifiers in the State of North Carolina. That might be a good job for Elizabeth City State University, our new Non-Land Grant University (NLGCA). I strongly support having our own testing facilities here.
We're on our way to becoming the “Organic Capital of the World”.

Let food be your medicine.
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