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By the time you read this article Spring Gobbler Season will be over. I hope you had a chance to draw your bow back on a nice Tom.
Big game seasons are over, small game season is predominately over ….what is a bowhunter to do now?? First, go over ALL of your equipment.... every single piece. Bows, arrows, clothing, calls, …. everything... get rid of the faulty equipment, replace your bowstrings and arrows. Check out the new equipment on the market..... and then??
Get shooting!!! You cannot shoot enough. Your archery equipment should be an extension of yourself. As a famous archer once said...”Become the arrow!”
Now is the time to go bow fishing!! It is awesome to take a fish with an arrow. But, it is not an easy task. Remember light refracts in water. You have to aim below a fish in order to achieve success when fishing with the bow and arrow. There are 3-D practice targets for bow fishing... but I tend to practice on the cheaper side of my wallet. I use 2-liter bottles... sink the just below the surface with some lead weights and practice shooting with my fishing arrows. It saves wear-and-tear on my arrows and doesn't hurt my wallet. Just be sure of the type of “fish” you can harvest with your bow. Check your regulations.
Perhaps you aren't a bow fisherman but you still need to continue shooting your bow. There is a plethora of 3-D competitions in the surrounding counties where you can continue to shoot your bow. If you have never been to a 3-D shoot... I encourage you to go and try it! The comradery and spirit of everyone in attendance is really uplifting. You may even see a bow you like, if you do, write down the details and contact your local archery shop so you can check it out. Never pick up a bow that belongs to someone else, bows are pretty much fitted to the owners, even traditional bows. Take a child with you.... the amazement in his/her eyes is astounding. This is what most archers call, for lack of a better term, 3-D season!!

Calendar of upcoming events:
      1. Train to hunt challenge at Buttermilk Creek May 13, 2017
      2. Freshwater Bow fishing tournament May 2017
      3. Saltwater Bash (bow fishing) June 2017
More information can be found on our website. The new website should be up and running soon. We have been going under some reconstruction so we might be able to better serve the bowhunters of North Carolina. Each district has a Wildlife Representative in place for the NCBA.

Respectfully submitted.Talmage Dunn, District 1 Wildlife 252-265-5437
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