A Closer Look at Integrative Health by Laura Bush Jenkins

Dalai Lama expressed: "What surprises me about mankind is how he sacrifices his health in order to make money, then sacrifices his money to recuperate his health."  Dr. Nina Lucas, owner of Bethesda Integrative Medicine in Elizabeth City understands how Integrative Health coaching reverses this trend.

Why did you connect with the concept of Integrative Health?  Ever since my residency, I wanted to work in a clinic addressing the whole person.  Our current health care system does not provide the time and depth needed for this.  People and medical professionals usually think integrative health is about herbal remedies and vitamins, but- as the name implies- it considers all forms of health care, traditional and alternative, to help patients achieve optimal health.

What aspects of your training at Duke University surprised you?  I was surprised by the power of the phrase, "What else?"  When given time and space to open up, patients learn about themselves and find appropriate solutions to unique health issues.

When I was growing up, I didn't realize people could manage their health.  It seemed you were either healthy or you weren't.  How can people use your approach to take out the guesswork out of healthy living?  Much our our healing is within ourselves.  The mind, body, and spirit are interconnected,not compartmentalized.  Through this, we find strength to make changes to improve our health- whether through stress reduction, improved sleep, better nutrition,more movement, or meditation.

What type of changes have you seen in your life by implementing these principles?  I started daily meditation times to let my body and brain rest and focus on breathing.  I am less stressed, more present for my children, and more rested.  Just like with exercise, it takes daily practice to improve on what I've learned.  But, I am loving it so far!   

Have a question about integrative health coaching?  Contact Dr. Lucas at (252) 698-0345 or info@bethesdaintegrative.com .
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