Whats in your diet? Fake Food. - - by Warren Green

Lately I've described some edible substances as fake food. Let's analyze that. According to the USDA/FDA fake foods are edible substances that provide energy but little or no nutrition. They are described generally as empty calories. Empty calories and empty carbohydrates function synchronously. Some forms of carbohydrates are sugar which includes: fructose,glucose,and lactose, and are considered simple and has a negative impact. And some are starches such as: potatoes,corn,grains,rice, and cereals, and are considered complex. When complex carbs are deeply refined they are easily digested by the body, and has the same negative impact as simple.

Those complex carbs that are deeply refined and processed are primarily fake food. The consumption of fake food is linked to what is identified as the “Glycemic Index”. The Glycemic Index is the measurement of how your body processes carbohydrates and turns it to usable blood sugar/glucose and distributes it to every cell in the body. Far from innocuous, fake foods result in irritability, mood swings, obesity and the big one inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been linked to heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer. All prominent in Northeast North Carolina. Look for low Glycemic numbers and make sure your snacks have plenty of fiber .

As a lot of my friends and colleagues are aware, I retired from the USDA/ FSIS/ Standards and Labeling Division. Time to provide a little more background. I began my food safety career as one of the NY State Inspectors that initiated inspection in New York City and it included every facet of food processing including watching sausage being made (lol). After about 5 years, NY State ended inspection and we were absorbed by the USDA. I was assigned as the Inspector -In -Charge in a circuit in rural upstate N.Y. From there I was promoted to headquarters in D.C. I spent 15 years inside the beltway, finishing up as senior staff in the Clinton Administration. I'm very familiar with the workings of the USDA. I guess you can say I brought my talents to the Albemarle.

That segues perfectly to the quest of northeast N.C. Being “The organic capital of the world” . I envision hundreds of spin farms no larger than 1-2 acres producing tons of organic produce. The USDA will provide resources and expertise for organic enterprises. The sustainability of organic enterprises depend upon our higher education institutions (COA and ECSU) including agriculture enterprises as part of their curriculum. The feedback I'm receiving from the young folks in this community convinces me that the organic sector is the way to go. I'll continue to promote the initiative.

Finally, I'm receiving almost daily food safety recall notices and press releases. I'll be devoting a paragraph or so to the ones I feel pertinent.

Remember, clean nutritious food is essential to your health and quality of life.
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