Gun Tips -- by Lloyd "Duke" Hodges

When are you right and when are you wrong?  What I am writing about is, in my view, did you select the right firearm for your purpose.  A known trainer has said that a gun is not comfortable, it is comforting.  Yep, that is true at least in my case.  My carry piece and spare mags weigh in at a shade over three pounds.  However, after some hours it is uncomfortable.  The leather belt I use has begun to soften and stretch so I am thinking about options.  The nice part of having options is that I can ponder and at the same time enjoy my leather work hobby.  I think that by doubling the leather on the carry side, the holster will stay in place and close to the body.  We will see.  One drill for hand guns and long guns is to hold it at arms length for a minute.  If you feel strain you are either out of shape or you may have too much gun.  Without getting into who makes what there are choices in small, medium, and large guns.  You are the one who must decide what is best and if the ammo is available.  AND, does the piece fit in  and or does it get lost in your hand?  Generally speaking, I feel that situational awareness comes to the fore.  This means to me that I know where I am and know where and how to access my gun.  Now, ladies you have the purse for additional items.  Since you ladies are visual and me being just an ordinary guy I barely understand you all are organized and know exactly where your stuff is.  Well, stuff gets moved around and therein is a problem to guard against.  The only thing in the trigger guard should be the index finger any other object is not acceptable.  Some guns can discharge with little pressure.   Uncontrolled discharge will land you in a heap of legal trouble.  Oh, by the way,  guys, shoving a gun into the pocket can also cause pain and a lot of damage.  Get a pocket holster and forgo the grief.  By the way,  I am looking forward to meeting you readers and speaking with you on 6/27.
Lloyd Duke Hodges
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