Construction Projects in Perquimans County

Two exciting things for Perquimans County! Both construction projects: one is finished and one is nearing completion.
If you haven’t driven out Church Street through Hertford to Highway 17 recently, you may not have noticed how good the new library building looks. The roof is on, the exterior brick façade is going up and, if you stop and look though the open window holes, you can see some interior walls. What a tremendous thing for the county! Every time I’ve been in the existing Library on west Academy Street it has been full of people – browsing books, chatting with the librarians, sitting at computers, or participating in one of the many public programs the library sponsors. The children’s section is always alive with youngsters reading, being read to, playing with the educational toys that can be checked out or gathered on a rug watching a movie. I can attest to the fact that the library has outgrown the current building and, if the wonderful staff can offer all these opportunities to Perquimans residents and visitors with their limited space, I can only imagine what will happen when they have a large new building to fill!
Even if you have not noticed the library building going up behind it’s chain link fence, I know you must have heard about the new boat ramp out in the Hertford Boating Access Area at 310 Granby Street. I was out there just a few weeks ago and the construction was well underway, but I never dreamed that it would be open and operating this quickly! I was out there this morning and there was a boat tied up and a man backing his boat trailer into the water to retrieve it. I wandered out onto the floating dock which rocked gently under my steps and had a beautiful view across the water to the Jim “Catfish” Hunter bridge. I can brag about how pretty the new boat ramp (and the river) is all day, but it is also large enough that the pickup truck with the boat trailer looked small. There was plenty of room for another truck that size on the ramp, so there was ample space for a much larger boat to be gently floated into the river or towed free of the water. The new parking lot was cleanly paved and the site still had ample room for, I don’t know, a small restaurant or shop? Just a thought. What a nice way to enjoy one of Perquimans County’s primary attractions – it’s waterways!

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