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Health and Nutrition Strategies for Cancer Survivors and Everybody Else.

Leading up to my annual physical (bone scan, C.A.T. scan. and blood panel) , I was a little more
apprehensive this year. Like most cancer survivors, I react to everything that doesn't feel right. I was
battling the flu coming up to my physical and we came out with a spot on the cat scan that needs
another look. I noticed a few typos in my last article, I'll blame my lack of proof reading on my brain
fog from that same flu (lol).

The flu provided me with a reminder of the importance of immune systems, and snapped me back to
our toxic environment. During my convalescence I read the results of Community Health
Assessments(CHA's) released by Albemarle Regional Health Services. The assessments use analysis
from federal, state, and local sources including hospitals, and focus groups from all over the region.
Their analysis determined that serious health conditions are rising including: cancer, heart disease,
diabetes, and obesity. All dietary linked.
The dietary link is, poor quality nutrition and dirty food, let's focus on the dirty food part. A national
fast food chain has been advertising that they were converting to “clean food”. That means prior to
their conversion, their food might or might not not have been clean. As a labeling expert who's
reviewed thousands of claims, that's a remarkable assertion.
In an earlier article I wrote about the use of arsenic in 90% of the poultry in commerce. I couldn't find
out definitively who the 10% are, hopefully the major chains are using them. It's interesting that food
labeling regulations require the listing of all allergens such as wheat, soy,etc.,but fail to require the
listing of additives such as arsenic, or antibiotics. I reported that labeling that list a “may contain traces of......” statement, at the end of the ingredient listing is a way for manufacturers to identify trace ingredients left over from another production run with a different formula. I suspect that the labeling change was a result of a critical control point (HAACP) lab analysis. The lab reports probably
identified ingredients that were not listed in the ingredient statement, and therefore the product is
adulterated, mislabeled, and not allowed into commerce. So, the “may contain” language serves to
allow for commerce. Clearly economically influenced.
There was also a subtle handling statement change that caught my attention since it also seems
economically influenced. Food manufacturers are encouraged, by the USDA, to use “Best if used by”
labeling. The intent is to reduce waste. I'll provide details on the rationale and it's impact, in next
month's column.
Finally, Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) is now a certified Non-Land Grant Agriculture and
Renewable Resources University (NLGCA). In the sanitized words of former Vice-President Joe
Biden, this is a big deal. I'll use the explanation of the Association of Public Land-Grant Universities:
NLGCA's provide important translational research and outreach benefits,while developing highly
skilled workforce for the agriculture,food and natural resource industries. The priorities that make
NLGCA teaching programs and graduates unique are the real world , hands-on experience in
labs,undergrad research, independent studies, and internships on campus farms and laboratories with
producers, in industry, and in government agencies.
Northeast North Carolina is an agriculture based economy that clearly has health disparities as a result
of poor nutrition options. Developing agriculture enterprises including organic is a game changer. I
envision hundreds of small businesses, making their own deals with buyers around the world. Including
the 60 million plus potential customers within a days drive.
I applaud and strongly support ECSU's Chancellor Conway for his vision in this quest for clean food in
our region. We will be the”Organic Capital of the World”.
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