Judgement, Acceptance and Love

These three words all have very different meanings, but they are three words that we as Christians should be using daily. Let’s start with judgement; we all know that we should not judge anyone, God’s word is clear on this, He is the judge not us. Yet we daily judge people, sometimes without even thinking about it. For example when you meet someone for the first time, you judge them. You know the saying, ‘you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression’. Well our first impression of people can be a judgement. We have made an opinion of that person based on what we see and the way they say hello. This is something that all of us are guilty of, yet we don’t usually think about it as judgement. We usually reserve judgement for when we act as the judge and sometimes the jury about a certain thing that someone did. Our society has a tendency to over time become accepting of things that are not Biblical. This creates problems in and of itself. We often accept things that go against God’s word, when we should be standing up for what is right. Now hear me out, I’m saying that we go out and condemn (judge) people’s sins. We need to be accepting of each other as people, not accepting of what is wrong. You know, love the sinner not the sin. God’s word is clear that we are to love one another. Instead of judging those who aren’t following God’s word, and instead of accepting their choices, we need to love. This doesn’t mean that we lose our voice that would be accepting. We need to continue to stand on God’s word, accept people where they are at, then pray and love on them. Teach them about God’s endless love, through our living example, and God will make things great again. To learn more on how to do this join us on Sunday’s at either of our locations or visit us at www.newlifecurrituck.org

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