This old Junk? -- by Tina Clancy

One of the services we offer is custom builds and custom refinishes. For example, the vanity pictured to the left. When it arrived, the top needed to be replaced, so it was replaced with a solid piece of ASH, sanded down, stained with chestnut stain and trimmed out. The body was sealed with primer and painted with a custom mixed, in house paint (customer picked colors) this one was teal and white. Lastly, it was hand trimmed in Gold and new hardware was added. To protect the finished product, three coats of Gloss poly was applied 
with sanding and heat treatment between each layer. The only other repair that needed to be done to this lovely vanity was the dovetail joints re-glued and new drawer bottoms installed. You might think something like this costs an arm and a leg. The project breaks down like this: Vanity: $75.00, Redo $125.00….so for $200.00, this little girl has a vintage solid wood, custom, real piece of furniture to adorn her room as individual as she is. If you’d like to have a signature piece, contact us today!

This old Junk? -- by Tina Clancy This old Junk? -- by Tina Clancy Reviewed by kensunm on 7:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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