Gun tips -- by LLoyd "Duke" Hodges

S.T.O.P.   Read on:  S: Situational Awareness…Take two seconds to assess the area and the people.  T:  Think…is this the place I want to be or should I leave?  O…Options…If I’m threatened, what options do I have short of lethal defense?  P…Protect my life…I’ve tried everything and my life is actually threatened. DRAW!!!  What has happened in the US and Europe should give all of us pause to reflect on personal and family protection.  Well, it should  be obvious to all that things ain’t real smooth here and abroad.  Focus now is important.  If you are a shooter I suggest you upgrade your skills.  I sincerely hope none of you will need to stand and protect.. BUT???  I believe that some serious thinking may well be in order.  Talk to other folks and put your situation into a plan that will secure your family (friends) from harm.  No, I’m not suggesting becoming a vigilante, however, I think that “ see and say” to law officials may be the best thing.  A good many years ago while enroute to a military assignment I had a few days lay over in Paris, France.  I saw all the familiar things we associate Paris with and upon looking further I saw pock marks in buildings-shots fired during war.  Evil doers still are damaging cities and lives.  It is happening here in the USA and other countries.   Preparation is a good start.  Train with your hand guns, long guns or martial arts or be smart and stay out of questionable areas.  Emotions are running amok but we are still a democracy and we all are subject to the rule of law.  Don’t live in the past.  I have heard a comment that “if it’s good enough for grandpa, it’s good enough for me”.  Ain’t so folks.                                                                                                                       Train, Observe, Be Alert, Be Alive.
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