Jim Kaighn - The insurance doctor.

 I have received many request for FINAL EXPENSE info, so here goes..You have seen on T,V. many ads for life insurance for seniors or folks between ages of 50 to 80, with no health questions or no physical exam, just apply and poof!! you are covered.. Your premium can never go up and coverage  can never be cancelled!!! But like I tell everyone in my articles, THINK.. before you jump or even worse, before your parents or grandparents jump!!

I AM NOT SAYING THAT THIS LIFE INSURANCE IS WORTHLESS, but no one gets something for nothing..Take that guy that says for $9.00 per month per UNIT, well  how much insurance do you get PER UNIT?? At an average age of 70, the amount of insurance is is @ $500, so you are going to spend near $100 per year, and in five years, you would spend in the amount of the total insurance value, and then you keep paying year after year that $100 and wind up paying 2 or 3 times the amount of the insurance.. Then you will say this is not worth it, so you drop the insurance and have nothing and the COMPANY laughs all the way to the bank.. Now ,if your health is REAL BAD, it is the only hope you have..BUT HERE IS THE REAL KICKER!! During the first three or four years of the policy,
you are NOT COVERED FOR the full amount of the policy, just the premiums you have paid in plus 10% interest, that is all your family gets!!

If your health is basically good, just high blood pressure or over weight you will always be better off to get A LOCAL AGENT, like me, to try for you to get a regular policy that you have to answer health questions or even take a physical exam.. The company, since they have some medical info from you or from your doctor, can offer you a much lower premium, and coverage could begin immediately..
Those plans on T.V. are o.k. but it is the LAST PLACE  for you to go!! Also, calling someone on the phone or going on the internet, YOU HAVE NO ONE TO CALL BACK OR ASK QUESTIONS AFTER YOU GET YOUR POLICY, NO ONE TO HELP GUIDE YOU!! Now, I do have a company that is like I have explained, but because it is a named brand company, the prices are lower and YOU have ME to talk to!! I have been in my business for 50 years here in the area, and I have degrees in Life Insurance and Financial Planning.. I also have a full range of regular companies and types of policies to choose from for anyone for any situation!! TRY ME OUT!! Let's talk, call me at 202 5983, or 335 5983 or in Dare County, 261 1122.  my web site is www.insdrjim.com   

THOUGHT OF THE MONTH-Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.
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