Is it really worth it? -- by Pastor Dan

Is it really worth it? Marriage I am talking about. A year ago my father passed away after celebrating with Mom 66 years of marriage a few weeks earlier. It was an honor to see my parents live a life and legacy in front of family, Church and community. I am reminded of the verse in Proverbs 11:25 that says “The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered.” It seems to me we often are seeking something in marriage that is elusive, it is called “true love”. This search for love then finds individuals looking everywhere except where they could find peace and healing. We are either falling out of love, into love, or seeking love rather than seeking Jesus Christ. We live blaming others for the decisions we make, or decide to live together, but live separate lives. During the month of February here at New Life of Currituck, we want to encourage you to build and strengthen your marriage, by building your relationship with Jesus Christ. This is not because we just want to, or feel like we need to, but because we believe it is our joy to share the love of God to all. Real life challenges come in all of our lives, the Bible has the answers that make a difference. Starting February 12th be ready to hear real life answers from the Bible that will encourage and strengthen your marriage, and even prepare you for marriage God’s way. We will discuss subjects like how we can have real life conversations, I saw a magnet that says, “The tongue has no bones, but it is strong enough to break hearts.” We will share about serving, prayer, patience and laughter that can encourage marriages. We will also talk about other parts of marriage, how to deal with anger, the design and joy of sex in a marriage, and how to set goals for your marriage. Our desire is to ignite, connect and engage in the transforming power of Jesus Christ, connect on Sundays, Facebook, and at You will never be the same.
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