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The Free Kids Prom is an event that is held annually by Scott Collins. It was started as Mr. Collins, a single father knew first hand the financial difficulties of raising kids today. Raising two girls himself he went thru the experience, scraping to ensure that they didn't miss out on a School memory that would look back on throughout their lives. 
 Prom has become a very expensive event and though most offer some form of  hor de'vours, most don't offer even that. There is the expense of dresses, and Tux's, not to mention the hairdo's, nails and today, the makeup. The dinner beforehand at a local posh restaurant for most couples is now the norm, which is very expensive to boot.
  The opportunity to attend prom should be available to every child, not just the ones whos parents can afford it. There are so many kids that are home schooled today that don't get the chance to experience their prom as the kids that attend regular schools do. There are also the kids that are just out of school, and for one reason or another, didn't get to attend. The FreeKids Prom, is the chance for those kids to get that experience, that memory, that place to go dance, have fun with old friends and make new ones even. 
There are little to no events available in our area for the teens/school age kids to attend where they can be in a safe and supervised environment yet still have a great time.  And unfortunately, In this day and time, there aren't many people willing to give up their time and their services to help out. We hope to have more sponsors this year as we feel there will be several more kids that will want to attend the event. 
 The Free Kids Prom offers Dresses, Tuxedos, Shoes, Jewelry, Makeup, Hair, Photos, Dinner and memory bags. The kids will be treated to a Limousine ride from their drop-off location, to the prom. Security will be at the event to ensure the kids safety, and help the parents to feel more comfortable about their kids attending.  We'd like to thank the Albemarle Tradewinds for always being there for us and the  community, no matter what the event.The date is April 1st. 7-10pm
 Last years sponsors include:
Central Insurance Agency
Allstar heating and cooling 
4th ward city councilman Darious Horton
Virginia Dare Apartments
Cypress Creek Grill
Mildreds florist
Taz 2 productions
PASQUOTANK County Sherriffs Department 
Andys Pancake and Steak House
And several private citizens 
If you want more information
Contact Scott Collins at 252 267 2003

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