Why You Should Use Garlic when preparing food

Garlic is nature’s gift to man. This natural ingredient has so
many health benefits for the human body. Herbalists and naturopaths
consider garlic as a miracle ingredient. With so many studies
done on garlic, it was continuously proven to help in curing a
variety of health problems.
As the saying goes, “Garlic can keep sickness at bay”. Because
of the components of garlic, the body can fight off sickness and
illness. What does garlic contain? It has water-soluble nutrients
like enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and natural sugar. It has oil
soluble nutrients including sulfur compounds like alliin and alli-
cin. Garlic is known for its natural antibiotic properties. Although
the sulfur compounds of garlic emit a pungent smell, there’s no
denying its medicinal uses. When you cook for the family, try to
include garlic in your dishes.

The Health Benefits Of Garlic

* Garlic is an antiseptic due to its antibacterial properties. It can
help cure wounds.
* Garlic has antibiotic properties which help the body fight off
infections. Aside from that, garlic can help fight inflammation.
* When you have colds or coughs, put raw garlic on your food
and you will get better faster. Taking garlic supplements can
help, but eating it raw is the best.
* A study in China shows that eating garlic regularly helps in
preventing cancer.
* Taking fresh or cooked garlic will help lower blood pressure
and prevent cardiovascular problems. You can take 500 mg
garlic capsules twice a day .
* Garlic increases high-density lipoproteins in the body.
* Garlic helps in reducing bad cholesterol in the bloodstream.
* Garlic helps keep the arteries and the heart healthy.
* Garlic helps in thinning the blood, which reduces the risk of
blood clotting. It improves blood circulation in the body.
* Garlic helps boost the immune system to fight off diseases.
* For people with respiratory problems, garlic can prevent and
relieve chronic bronchitis and catarrh.
* Garlic acts as an expectorant for a cough and nasal deconges-
tants for colds.
* In the digestive system, garlic cleans the stomach and kills
internal parasites. It cures flatulence and is a great internal
Consuming Garlic is healthy. Include it in food for design, flavor,
and scent. Now that you know the health benefits of garlic, it
is a must that you include garlic in all the dishes you cook. It is
cheap, yet the benefits are immense.

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