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As I write this article there is a little less than a week left to the regular deer season in North Carolina. I hope you were given some wonderful gifts to start your new year. This is the time we look back and take stock on the last year and perhaps make note of some things we would like to change. For many of us this calls for some resolutions, promises we make to ourselves that we fully intend to do for the upcoming year. Let us take stock of what we might do for this year 2017.
Maybe you got a new bow for this year.. resolve to practice more with it, to learn its special nuances, make sure you have the right equipment on your bow, and get the appropriate arrows that are spined and weighted for your bow. Perhaps you got some new camo-clothing, shoot in that clothing to make sure there is nothing to impede your arrow's release, walk in those new boots and break them in. Resolve to go out and scout more this year, there is nothing like shed-hunting to further your knowledge of your hunting land. Resolve to go to some of the myriad of 3-D shoots that take place within or near your area, it's the closest practice to hunting you will get until next season. Plan to go to at least one of the game-lands in North Carolina, some are archery only areas and are great to hunt within. Resolve to introduce at least one new person to archery. Resolution is simple, it simply means you are going to try and get better at what you do.
The opportunity to continue bowhunting still abounds in our state. We have the “urban archery “ season in various counties, just check your regulations. Small game opportunities abound throughout the state until February. Have you tried rabbit or squirrel with the bow and arrow? Fun would be an understatement. If you haven't tried traditional archery tackle this would be the prime time to do so.
Please do not forget our local landowners. Its is one thing to gain access to someone else's property but you want to insure a great relationship. Offer to help around the land. Make yourself available.
After the season is great time to go back and widen those trails and cut some of the shooting lanes you thought you would have liked earlier in the season. Cutting and trimming now will help save a lot of time in the summer months when all the ticks, “skeeters,” and no-see-ums are active and looking to munch on you.
Consider becoming a member of the NCBA this year. Our organization is growing and we do lobby for bowhunting and game legislation in our great state. See our website for information on many of the activities the organization does and provides. I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year!
Schedule of upcoming events:
January 21, 2017 -NCBA rabbit hunt. January 28 is the rain date. Location to be determined.
March 3 – 5, 2017 – Dixie Deer Classic and the NCBA 3D shoot.
March 25, 2017 - NCBA Annual Awards Banquet at the McCleansville Wildlife Club.
Respectfully submitted.
Talmage Dunn
District 1 Wildlife Rep for NCBA
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