Frisco Native American Museum: Building for the Future

So what happens to a museum that is flooded by a hurricane?  A lot.  Staff at the Frisco Native American Museum & Natural History Center have gone from shock at the site of the building soaked with briny sound water to excitement as the rebuilding begins.

            With the oldest section of the museum built in 1880, staff knew recovery efforts from Hurricane Matthew would be challenging.   Additions had more than tripled the size of the facility, and almost every inch of space had been utilized for exhibits.  Obviously clean up would involve more than mops and wet vacs!

            Time was also a critical factor.   Initial efforts were directed at removing flooded items.   That cleared the way for a commercial company to sanitize and dry the building and its contents.  In that process, the outer layesr of many walls were removed, revealing the ribs of the structure.  Most  cases were stripped of their trim, and the wide, rough boards from the oldest section provided a sharp contrast to the smooth layers of the newer areas.   Huge sheets of plastic were draped throughout the rooms, giving the appearance of plastic walls. And then the cleaning began.  Surfaces were sprayed  to kill bacteria and mold while leaving a protective layer to “sanitize” the building.   Afterwards, HUGE heaters were placed strategically, and the process of drying began.   It took three days.  But during that time, the odors in the museum changed from an acrid, musty smell to something much different a faint antiseptic smell— perfect  for a new beginning.

           The museum and nature trail are closed as work continues, but progress reports and pictures are posted at  Individuals are encouraged to call 252-995-4440 for inquiries about opening hours—or volunteering. 
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