Its funny how food can trigger so many great memories. Just today a friend stopped by and gave me a nice mess of turnips freshly dug from his garden. I boiled those turnips along with some of the turnip greens for lunch and was reminded of how I was educated on the taste and cooking of turnips. One day many moons ago, my grandma Ruby gave me some turnips from her garden to take home. I told her I didn't know a whole lot about cooking turnips and Barbara knew less than I did. She told me there was nothing to it and told me what to do to cook them. I took them home, cooked them as she said, and they were greatttt. Here's her recipe for a great turnip meal. For a small meal you'll need 4-6 turnips (preferably sweet home grown Eastern North Carolina turnips), a few greens (I like to use the turnip greens but you can substitute collards or salad greens as well), and 3-6 smoked pork neck bones. Clean and cut the turnips into small cubes. Wash the greens and chop into smaller pieces removing any large stems. The smoked neck bones are for seasoning as well as for eating with the turnips but the turnips are great even without them. Put the turnips, greens, and neck bones into a large pot and cover with water. Add a bit of salt and pepper to suit your taste. If the turnips are large they can have a strong taste which can be tempered by adding a bit of sugar to the pot. Bring the pot to a boil and cook until all is tender (probably about 45-90 minutes). Load up your plate and have yourself a great fall or winter meal. Right now in Eastern North Carolina, you can find collards, turnips, and rutabagas being grown by many local gardeners and for sale at such places as local produce stands, small family farms, and of course your local grocery store. Cook up a pot of turnips and have yourself a great winter treat … they’re good for your soul!!!

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