When Is It Necessary to Test For Mold? -- by Harry Cannon

Mold infestation can be a very difficult thing to assess. Do I have a cold? Am I purchasing something that can be a liability? Am I living in a mold contaminated environment? Can I sell this property? These questions can be answered quickly and cost effectively by a local contractor through a nationally certified testing laboratory located throughout the US.

When should I test for mold? Here are some thoughts:
  • Foreclosure: Has the home been closed for a period of time? Are there musty odors? Are there spots on the walls that indicate some sort of growth?
  • Rentals: In the off season, homes can be enclosed with stagnant air flow. Odors and mold growth can proliferate.
  • Water Intrusion: Air condensation, pipe leaks, roof leaks, etc.? These can cause mold infestation.
  • HVAC: Contamination quickly can spread through your HVAC system.
  • Normal Conditions: We live in a high humidity and high moisture environment that promotes mold growth. Proactive treatments can prevent your home from derogatory air quality conditions.

How do we cost effectively confirm mold contamination?
  • Dwelling Management Solutions utilizes EMLab P&K for quick and reliable air quality and mold testing. Results can be laboratory tested and available within 36 hours. Pre-testing and post treatment testing are available.
  • You can choose the extent of the testing protocol.

Contact Dwelling Management Solutions for a test today. We provide proven mold treatments with treatment certificates. 252.339.2489 or www.dwellms.com.
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