Grandma Rubys Stewed Taters

As anyone from Tyrrell County can attest ... there is some mighty fine potatoes grown around here. Just about everyone that was raised in Tyrrell County has eaten potatoes in some form or fashion ... fried, baked, boiled, mashed, and of course STEWED. Grandma Ruby used to fix stewed taters at least once a week and especially when she was frying up some bream, perch, catfish, or herrings. It just wouldn't be fried fish without some stewed taters! Anyway ... Grandma Ruby's recipe for stewing taters goes like this: Peel and cut up 4-5 large potatoes or 5-6 smaller ones into cubes. Put them in a cook pot and cover with water. Add salt and pepper to suit you. Add a little bacon grease or you can fry a piece or two of salt pork until crisp ... cut it in small pieces and add the pork and grease to the potatoes. Add a chopped onion to the pot of potatoes and cook until the potatoes have stewed down and begin to get thick. You can add a bit of flour to get the thickness that you want. Grandma Ruby likes to cut up a fresh green onion to sprinkle over her stewed taters but that's up to you. If all those stewed taters aren't eaten with the meal you can save them and make fried potato cakes for breakfast the next day. Just mash the left over taters and pat them into small cakes. Fry them until they are golden brown and enjoy them as another meal. You just can't go wrong with stewed taters!!
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