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Well, after a few false starts, spring has come to Perquimans County and with it flowers, sunshine and lots and lots of exciting things to do. Geoff Chaucer began his Canterbury Tales by commenting that the onset of spring inspires people to get out and do things. He might have been talking about us, there are so many events coming up in the next month.
Let’s see, the Perquimans County Chamber of Commerce just had the Business Expo and Job Fair on April 27th – did you hear my podcast about it? I may seem biased, but that podcast was a tremendous opportunity to get the word out about the Expo and I cannot recommend it enough! It was wonderfully effective, too. I got comments from people who stopped by our booth at the Expo who had heard the podcast.
I hope that you got a chance to stop by the Expo because it was great! We had lots of vendors and lots of visitors, lots of great food at the evening Chef Challenge! Lots of fun, in fact. A great kick-off for the spring!
The first weekend in May, anyone looking for something to do will be absolutely spoiled for choice. The Carolina Moon Theater in downtown Hertford is presenting The Old People Are Revolting by Devon Williamson Friday May 5 & Saturday May 6th at 7 PM and Sunday May 7th at 4 PM. It’s a madcap romp involving the residents of a retirement village who decide to form their own kingdom when the governing council decides to take away their utilities discount. I think it’s the only play in exitance in which a civil protest involves Renaissance costumes, juggling balls and maple trees, but I may be wrong. You should Google it to make sure. There will be craziness, video effects, not-quite sword fighting and the Renaissance Consort (you know, that one that plays at the Cupola House during the Edenton Pilgrimage) will be playing during the intermission. At any moment, Morris dancing might break out, so be ready!
That same Saturday, May 5th, the Perquimans County Restoration Association is holding its 26th Annual Garden Party on the Clubhouse Lawn at Albemarle Plantation from 2 pm -5 pm. It is guaranteed to be a gala affair with music by the Wayne James Trio, elegantly attired ladies in lovely hats and generous and genteel conversation. Then, on Sunday, April 7th, The Albemarle Chorale will be presenting A Musical Picnic at the Museum of the Albemarle at 4 pm! What a weekend it will be.
All that is just the beginning. The Perquimans County High School’s FFA and Agriculture Classes are scheduling a grand opening of their Farmer’s Market; the high school theater is presenting Peter and the Starcatcher the second weekend in May and the Perquimans Arts League is giving a Card & Game Party on May 16th from 1-4 at the Perquimans County Recreation Center. Memorial Day will be here before we know it, schools will begin to hold graduation ceremonies and the summer will be upon us!
Enjoy a busy and event-filled spring!
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