Health and Nutrition Strategies for Cancer Survivors and Everybody Else - WHAT'S IN YOUR DIET?

In an earlier article I advised that federal regulations now allow beef heart meat and partially deffated chopped beef (pink slime) in ground beef, without identification. That's a remarkable policy change and I thought it needed further analysis. For simplification, we'll use the very popular hamburger , who's standard of identity includes ground beef. Beef heart meat is an organ meat/variety meat/offal, and is made of internal organs and entrails of a butchered animal. Hamburgers are limited to 30% fat, some of which can be added.

As high risk as a hamburger is, its unimaginable that the aforementioned components would be permitted. But in fact, according to the current USDA standard of identity, a hamburger can be made entirely of beef heart meat, beef fat and pink slime.

Let's go deeper. In an earlier article I disclosed that since the mid-nineties genetically modified rBGH (bovine growth hormone) has been permitted in dairy cattle, which causes inflammation, and necessitates antibiotics. I shared that the United States is the only developed country in the world that permits the consumption of products with the hormone. Since our trading partners don't permit the import of such products into their country, our citizens are the primary consumers of beef products with rBGH. So, it's reasonable to assume that there are hamburgers in the United States food chain made from components that may include: beef heart meat, pink slime, beef treated with rBGH and beef fat. The ingredient statement could still have the single ingredient “beef”.

I thought it was time to revisit lead in our nations plumbing. We were informed during the Flint, Michigan outbreak that the water wasn't treated. The treatment they were referring to is PHOSPHATE .
Here's the deal. Homes and municipal plumbing built prior to 1987 are likely to have lead service lines and pipes. Over the years minerals (phosphate) in the water have built up in the water lines. The mineral buildup in the plumbing is called scale. That scale is supposed to keep the lead from the pipes, out of the water. That's the code. The standard operating procedure.
EPA language says new pipes, solder, and faucets should meet EPA lead-free standards. EPA language should be, lead-free standards MUST be complied with. “Should”, in government speak leaves wiggle room. No penalty. That very same PHOSPHATE is used in all cured meat and poultry products, and products with a solution statement, to retain water reducing shrinkage. Water is cheaper than meat. Phosphate doesn't degrade and what doesn't remain in your body becomes the very same scale in plumbing lines.
I promised to provide info on the subtle handling statement change that was just encouraged by the USDA. I identify it as encouraged because “use by dates” are not mandatory. Prior to the encouragement, their literature asserted “Do not buy food past the sell-by, use-by or other expiration dates”. The language has been modified to “best if used by “ in an effort to reduce waste. If I get some time, I'll check the federal register to see what the justification was, and who lobbied it.

Finally, I'm very encouraged by The College of the Albemarle's announcement regarding agriculture courses in our region. I'm positive the agriculture initiatives of COA and ECSU will reduce the brain drain and bring much needed clean food enterprises to the region. Even the Veteran Administration is getting involved. The desire of these young folks to respond to the huge demand for clean food is exciting and palpable.

Remember, let food be your medicine. But, that doesn't work if the food is dirty, or fake.
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