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On March 28, 2017 the Virginia Marine Resources Commission voted the following regulations for the 2017 Virginia Cobia Season. There will be a 40 inch total length minimum size with a one fish per person limit with a three fish per boat maximum. Also only one fish can be over 50 inches with the boat creel limit. The season will be from June 1st through September 15, 2017. Also no gaffing of fish will be allowed at all and there will be a mandatory reporting requirement through a free state permit. The Captain and/or Boat Owner will be responsible for reporting the Cobia catch. Once again thanks to the selfless work of Jonathan French and Billy Gorham for all their hours of work, lobbying and researching to saving the North Carolina and Virginia Cobia Seasons for 2017!!
However the fight is far from over because the now that 2017 is settled, we have to take a look at 2018. ASFMC has already agreed to complimentary management, meaning in layman's terms that ASFMC will give them quota and Catch data (620,000 pounds.) ASFMC will split that up and assign state by state quotas. For example, VA might get 310K, NC 260K, and then Georgia and South Carolina would 25K each. Then each state sets their own regulations. The catch is, when they estimate that the quota is hit, they close the fishery. No notice at all. That is why making sure that the next stock assessment is done fairly and gets a larger overall quota for GA-NY is so critical. The problem is that stock assessment won't be complete for several years. In that time ASMFC will operate using the 620K quota. I will be posting updates for this continued fight. When Jonathan French or Billy Gorham ask for your support in making public comment on Federal Websites, or contacting your Congressman or Senators via a phone call or email, or attending a meeting or public hearing, I will be putting out this call for action on my Facebook Page-- Jakes Outdoor Adventures. Please check my page,and answer this call for action if you wish to continue fishing for Cobia. We have shown that a grassroots effort works so let’s keep up the fight!!
Speaking of Billy Gorham-- with Cobia season beginning in full swing in North Carolina and the season approaching in Virginia now would be a good time to grab a handful of Gorham’s Bowed Up Handmade Cobia Jigs. I am a firm believer of these great jigs, and I put them to the test last year on the boat and the pier. Billy pours the heads for each one of these jigs and uses the best materials when he hand ties them together. He has a variety of jig head styles and colors that will make any Cobia attack it. Help support a local businessman who fought long and hard for your right to be able to fish for Cobia last year and this year.

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