Art in the Albemarle -- by Talmage Dunn

Welcome to April!! Spring in the air and art shows will be very prominent in our area. I hope you had the opportunity to enter the Glenn Eure Ghost Fleet Gallery's 22nd annual Self-portrait exhibition. It promises to be an amazing show. I have had the opportunity to visit the gallery and see some of the amazing artwork that Glenn Eure has created. Come see the entries to this show.
Don't forget about The Seaside Art Gallery's 26th International Miniature Art Show exhibition.
I was visiting the gallery this past month and saw some of the beautiful miniatures that were coming in for the show. The Seaside Gallery has art for all ages to enjoy and view.
Another art show on our horizon is the 20th Annual Mollie Fearing Memorial Art Show. The Dare County Arts Festival is announcing a call for entries. This show features an intersting mix of artwork. The art will be on display at the Dare County Arts Council in Downtown Manteo April 30 – May 30. The show is held in memory of Mollie Fearing, one of the founders of the Dare County Arts Council.Please go to the website for details. Artwork may be dropped off on Tuesday, April 25th and Wednesday, April 26th between 10am and 5 pm at the DCAC gallery, 300 Queen Elizabeth Ave, Manteo, NC.
I hope you have stepped foreword on your own journey into painting and creating your own artwork. I have been writing about watercolor painting techniques. In this article I would like to explain about another aid to painting in watercolor, masking. Masking is a technique used to cover over a portion of your canvas/ watercolor paper. When painting a scene or concept sometimes it is helpful to cover an area of your canvas that you might want to highlight differently. Masking is the technique used to do this. There are various masking fluids that can be purchased to do this activity with: masking fluid, rubber cement, or plain old masking tape. For our purposes for this activity, I would like you to use masking tape. It is easy to come by, can be bought relatively easily and won't damage the wallet. First, tear off a piece or two of masking tape about two inches in length. Cut it or tear it into small strips. Place it on your canvas/paper in any way you choose. I decided to put mine in order from left to right at various heights. Then put some colors on your canvas. Paint whatever comes to mind for you. I started with blues and yellows. After allowing the paint to dry, I looked to see what the painting might become. I addeed a few green and brown stripes to appear as grasses let it dry, then pulled off the masking tape. In my mind I saw those strips of masking tape become a fence much like you see on the beach. I then highlighted the fence and “presto-change-o!” I had a beach scene.
Perhaps you are thinking that you need a little more formal instruction to get motivated. I was researching a studio in our area where that's possible and affordable. I was fortunate enough to visit with Hope Comito Malott, owner and instructor at Studio 511 Art and Soul, located in Elizabeth City, NC. I was able to observe a group of artists that were enjoying their time together and learning off one another as they were creating some very beautiful artwork. Studio 511 provides art for all ages and skill levels. There are paint parties, kids art, birthday parties, and much, much more. The studio hosts its own art clubs. There are a myriad of supplies available and provided in order to get you started in painting. There are programs for mixed media, watercolors, acrylics, oils, and various art activities. Please visit the Studio facebook page for more information. I found my visit to be very enjoyable and uplifting! Take a look at what this studio has to offer. I will be visiting more of the opportunities to learn painting within our area in the months to come.
The painting I have included this month is the very one I asked you to paint. Beyond the Fence, a 9” x 12” watercolor. Feel free to contact me by e-mail or by phone 252-267-5437. Talmage Dunn, Artist.
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