Your ad in a school of fish

From time to time we have a businessperson say that
they didn’t get any calls from their magazine ad. This
bothers us, so we came up with some solutions.
We look at it this way:  We put your business in
a school of fish (approximately 63,000).
Did  you get any calls?
Who knows for sure. Have you ever pulled up your line
and found the bait missing? We have found that some
customers get calls from their ads and didn’t realize.
Or maybe you didn’t get any calls. Like fishing, maybe
it is time to change your bait.
We have found that sometimes re-arranging an
ad or changing the colors work. Because of these
questions, we came up with AdTrac. AdTrac is a way to
know for sure that your ad works, and allows you to
know if your changes work. We know that not
all business advertising works in a magazine format.

As an alternative, we have placemat and cup advertising
programs to help your business. What other advertising
company works this hard for the little guy? Just us.
So give us a call and let us find a way to get your
business effective advertising. You work too hard for
your money to spend it and not know if advertising works
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