Dear Dr Crime

Dr. Crime is a pseudonym for a social scientist holding
a Ph.D. degree in sociology and in criminology. He
has worked in all major parts of the criminal justice
system. Drop him a note at the website www.keepkidshome.
net If you or your child is in trouble, he
may be able to help, give him a call (2523390000) or
E-mail at

Dear Dr. Crime: My mom and dad are getting
on in years, and I am worried about them being hurt.
Please tell me that old folks are safe and I do not need
to worry. Little Jack Horner

Dear Jack. I applaud you for being concerned
about your aging parents. The June issue of American
Psychologist which is devoted to “Aging in America” reviews
the research on elder abuse, reports disturbing
findings. Two findings stand out: at least 1 in 10 old
folks are abused, and there is a dramatic discrepancy
between the number of abused we know of and the actual
much larger number. It seems elder Americans do
not want to report abuse. With over four million elders
being abused, we better do something. The research
indicates it hits every group, with no difference in race,
ethnicity and culture. Research shows several types
of elder abuse, including physical, emotional, sexual,
financial, and neglect. Often, those people abusing
the old folks are family members or others the old folks
trust. Although most of it goes unreported, we know
enough to see that the impact is typically quite profound.
We need better research so we can determine
not only the exact nature of the problem, but what intervention
programs work the best. Last year there was
a White House Conference on Ageing that put out a
report, and the AARP has a Foundation. I urge you to
review those materials and take action. Often, bullies
are abusing people that cannot defend themselves.

Dear Dr. Crime: We hear much about “criminal
justice reform”. What does it mean and how powerful
a social - political force does it represent? Lady Cop

Dear Lover: The Raleigh News and Observer, on
April 1st, ran an essay arguing such reform was more
important to the public than other issues.
Hilary Shelton and Derek Cohen, the authors, make
several good points. They noted the pervasiveness
of criminal justice impacts, as affecting almost every
American. And it is true that we have the top incarceration
rate of all countries in the world. They report
the financial cost of our CJ system and point out that
prison cost has gone up 595% over 30 years. Their
polls show, as does other evidence, that citizens want
to change these conditions and focus on “rehabilitation”
of criminals. I agree such a policy can reduce the number
of future victims as well as radically alter the lives
of the offenders. As a Probation Officer I have done
many “pre-sentence investigation reports” requiring
me to recommend what action the courts should take.
That demanded that I get involved with family members
and victims. I was left with a powerful belief that less of
that sadness and more productive events must be our
future if we are to improve as a human species. I hope
I hear from readers about their views, and I shall return
to the issue of CJ system effects again very soon.
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