Frisco Native American Museum

The Frisco Native American Museum & Natural History Center is located in a
building with a long and varied history. Built in 1880, the structure has weathered
many storms, but Hurricane Matthew recently added a new chapter. In
the early morning hours of October 8, storm surge brought briny water rushing
through the entire building, leaving sandy muck in rooms that have no record
of flooding in 50 years, perhaps longer. Nature trail paths were blocked with
downed trees, and picnic tables formed a tangled mass in the center of the
nature trail pavilion.
Walking through the silent museum, staff were awed at the power of nature.
Carpets squished underfoot, little puffs of green appeared on surfaces as mold
sprouted, a number of stone artifacts were filled with water, glass shelving had
been pushed from the wall in places, damp book covers curled away from bindings,
and the air was heavy with a pungent odor that would only grow stronger.
But amazingly, very few exhibits were disrupted, and artifacts remained in place
or only slightly askew. Nothing irreplaceable had been destroyed; the essence
of the museum was in tack.
Work to get the building back in shape began immediately, and community
support has been overwhelming. Sixteen volunteers from the Cape Hatteras
and Elizabeth City Coast Guard stations (pictured) ripped up wet, smelly carpet
and hauled it out; other volunteers cleared paths, swept floors, began clearing
salt from surfaces, removed molding books and damaged furniture.
Like much of Hatteras Island, museum staff and volunteers will be recovering
from Hurricane Matthew for some time. The museum and nature trail are closed
as work continues, but stay tuned. Progress reports and pictures will be posted
regularly at In the meantime, individuals are
encouraged to call 252-995-4440 for inquiries about opening hours—or volunteering.
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