What's in your diet? by Warren Green

Last month I passed the 77 year old threshold. I can state adamantly, it’s about the food. I’m saying
that as an 11 year cancer survivor, and a food safety specialist. My Mission, Advocacy and Passion is
to improve the quality of the food. That will strengthen the immune system, and help the body
mitigate our toxic environment through our culinary intake.
Everything starts with the quality of the food. Our government policy is that if the product is not
“Certified Organic” you’re consuming it at your own risk. Agriculture products labeled “USDA
-Certified Organic” means that the products have been produced according to USDA organic
regulations, which means that if its not labeled certified organic it’s probably not. USDA Organic
regulations can be found at (7 CFR Section 205) they include all USDA organic standards, including
prohibited practices, requirements, and The National List of Allowed and Prohibited Materials.
Last time, I mentioned “spin farming” and promised some details. “Spin” is an acronym for “Small
Plot INtensive and is defined as an organic system that is production based. The components are
sub-acre in scale, low capital intensive, entrepreneurially driven, and close to markets. “Organics” are
the fastest growing segment in the food industry, growing at 20% annually. The Albemarle region is
within the 500 mile radius required to be identified as a local supplier, and has the longest growing
season in that radius. Using spin farming, an entrepreneur can offer a custom grown organic product,
to any customer in the world.
That kind of segues into a remarkable advertisement by a major, highly regarded food company. They
are saying that their food will be “clean” by the end of the year. That speaks volumes, and they’re one
of the better ones. That kind of ad campaign will make some organic suppliers rich.
Finally, I came across an interesting study NCI about obesity and cancer, I thought I’d should share
to further the discussion about food as medicine. Obesity is associated with increased ricks of at least
eight cancers and maybe more.
Use your culinary intake to promote better health and a better quality of life.
You are what you eat.

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