Gun Tips -- By Lloyd "Duke" Hodges

Last installment I vented a bit, that ain’t over till it’s over. Not this time however. As Americans we are about to enter hunting season. Some who enter the wild are experienced and there are newbies. The deal is that when the bullet leaves the barrel you can’t call it back. No frills, if you have sighted your game look beyond just in case there is another hunter in the line of fire. Many will hunt and bring home some prize. Some will not. Safety is the real winner out there. A remembered hunt is great. I hope none of you hunters will have more on your plate than you can deal with. Nuff said.
Now is the time to get your shooting arms ready. Pull em out and check them. Did you unload them. Double check and then clean them up. Good lubes are available. A dirty, gritty gun doesn’t cut it and it may not operate. Never ask about calibers since we operate in millimeter and English measurement. Look at the stuff you like and find the up and downs of a specific round and will it do well in your piece. I too scratch my head as to what will in a specific bore work and what will not.
As I have mentioned, much has happened in our nation as well as others. Many have resorted to concealed carry permit operators and some just open carry. If you don’t know what your preference will do, well, you may not be a winner in conflict. Gun handling, safely, will refresh knowledge and sublimely boost confidence. All part of the game. Know before you go. I still have favorites one being the .357 magnum. With that I have clear choices. Snake shot, 38 special and .357 magnum. Three for one. Have a great time in the woods and look where you step.
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